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Bluewater in the media

Study points to microplastics’ greater presence in faeces of IBD sufferers

January 12, 2022 | Envirotec

Bluewater’s CEO, Bengt Rittri, alongside Ahmed Fawzy, Bluewater’s Expert Purification Scientist, share their opinions and growing concerns over the recent findings of microplastics in the water we drink. The consequences to the human body have proven to be alarming and the study’s infant stages are still to determine the long-term effects of consuming microplastics.

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Switzerland’s Hotel Institute Montreux, Bluewater Partner for Purposeful Hospitality and Water Sustainability

January 11, 2022 | Eu Business News

Global water purification visionary Bluewater and the Hotel Institute Montreux, one of the world’s leading hospitality management schools, are launching a unique partnership enabling the institute’s student community to discover more about the key water challenges and solutions within the hospitality industry.

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Global climate change, mounting pollution bode ill for clean tap water access, says Bluewater

January 2, 2022 | Car News 2 Day

As a world leader in advanced drinking water technologies for homes, businesses, and public dispensing solutions, Bluewater said heading into 2022, no one on the planet can take having access to safe, great-tasting water for granted. The company believes the need to reshape the future of access to clean water has never been more paramount.

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