Café Station 1™

98.5% of coffee is water, and the least controlled ingredient—until now. Introducing Café Station 1™

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Why Bluewater in Your Coffee?



How the Café Station 1™ works



Minerals To Extract The Full Flavours Of The Coffee Beans



Give Your Customers Healthy Coffee

Take Full Control of The Water You Infuse

Brew your coffee with the purest water infused with minerals harvested directly from Sweden's untouched mountains, sourced from the world's finest dolomite in ancient Swedish bedrock elevating the flavours of your coffee.

Water Purification

Purified to Make Room for Taste in your Coffee

Mobile top view of osmosis system


The technology boasts one of the highest purification rates in the market, an impressive 99.7%. SuperiorOsmosis™ outperforms its rivals with an up to 80% recovery rate, addressing a critical flaw in traditional reverse osmosis systems – water wastage. The longest membrane lifetimes in the industry mean reduced replacement frequency, resulting in cost savings for you over time. It also signifies less environmental strain. The cost savings, in the long run, emerge not just from the financial perspective but also from an ecological viewpoint, making SuperiorOsmosis™ a beacon of responsible innovation in the industry.

What our purification removes







Sediments and Rust

Bad Taste and Odor

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)





Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs)

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCP)

Microplastics (various sizes)

Hormones and Endocrine Disruptors / Bisfenol A (BPA)







Bacterial Contamination (e.g., E.coli, Coliforms)

Nano plastics

Dissolved solids









Liquid rock™

Minerals To Extract The Full Flavours Of The Coffee Beans

Our Liquid Rock™ Minerals Enhance Coffee Taste

Liquid Rock is a scientifically designed blend of Swedish minerals used in the Café Station 1™. It ensures a delicious taste in the coffee by maintaining an ideal 2:1 ratio of Calcium and Magnesium. Harvested directly from Sweden's untouched mountains, sourced from the world's finest dolomite in ancient Swedish bedrock. Pure, natural, and exactly as nature intended.


Our magnesium enhances the extraction of flavorful compounds from coffee beans. It dissolves organic acids and aromatic compounds for a balanced, complex flavor with brighter notes. Additionally, our calcium alters hardness and pH, which affects flavor balance. Our highly water-soluble calcium minimizes scale build-up in coffee machines, increases water hardness, and raises pH, thereby reducing acidity. This allows you to control the taste extraction from your coffee beans.


Calcium increases the TDS of the water, reducing the extraction of bitter compounds from coffee beans and ensuring a smoother flavor. It also raises the pH, resulting in less acidity. Our specially designed water-soluble calcium reduces scale build-up in your coffee machine, enhancing both flavor and maintenance.

Top view of osmosis system

Adjust minerals with the Bluewater App for better coffee flavor

Allows you to precisely adjust their mineral intake, offering complete control over taste like acidity and sweetness. With three mineralization levels, you can choose the taste that suits you and your customer best, light, medium and bold.


Swedish-mineral-infused for a light, refreshing finish.


Taste the balance, inspired by pure spring water, infused with Swedish minerals.


Taste the fullness mirroring Sweden's lofty peaks, rich with minerals.


Give Your Customers Healthy Coffee

Top view of osmosis system

99.7% Purified Water

Advanced Filtration Technology

Our Bluewater Café Station uses state-of-the-art SuperiorOsmosis™ technology to achieve 99.7% purification. This process ensures that almost all impurities are removed from the water, including microplastics, PFAS, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants​​.

Microplastics and PFAS Removal

These substances are known to pose significant health risks. Microplastics can cause inflammation and other health issues, while PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are linked to various diseases, including cancer. By removing these contaminants, we provide safer water that promotes better health​​.

Infusion of the World’s Purest Minerals

Optimal Mineral Balance

Our system adds back essential minerals like calcium and magnesium in a precise 2:1 ratio. This balance is optimal for both taste and health, enhancing the flavor profile of the coffee while also supporting bodily functions such as bone health and nerve function​​.

Purest Mineral Sources

The minerals we use are of the highest purity, ensuring that only the best elements are added to your water. This enhances the overall quality of the coffee and contributes to your daily mineral intake.

Health Benefits

Essential Minerals

Calcium and magnesium are crucial for maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and muscle function. By incorporating these minerals into your daily coffee, you support these vital bodily functions and improve overall health​​.

Daily Nutrient Boost

Regular consumption of mineral-infused coffee provides a consistent boost to your mineral intake, helping to meet daily nutritional needs effortlessly.

Perfectly Brewed, Every Time

Adapting to Your Beans

Bring out the unique flavours of your carefully chosen coffee beans, ensuring each cup is a delightful experience.

Customized by You

The system let you be in charge of the water infused, making your coffee taste just the way you intended.

A Unique Offer

Serve Coffee brewed with water that is both free from contaminants and infused with the purest minerals.

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