Double the profitability of your beverages

Tap into Profit

Price per 0.5 liter (Sek)

Comparison of Bottled water vs Bluewater

12 sek 5 sek

*Example of price for bottled water

Hydration that pays off

Start selling your own mineralized beverages in your restaurant.

Increase Your Profit

Create mineralized beverages for a significantly lower price, compared to bottled and transported mineralized water.

System Features for Restaurant Station

Designed for Restaurants

Mobile top view of osmosis system

Efficient Autofill

Work more efficiently with set volumes and autofill.

Serve All Your Guests

With Restaurant Station™ you can produce up to 280 L per hour.

Customize & Control

Be in full control with the Bluewater App, including mineral intensity, volume and real-time data.

What our system offers the customers





Bluewater is Pure, Delicious and Planet Friendly


We remove 99,7% of all contaminants to make room for taste.


Bluewater is made from the worlds purest minerals, we call it liquid rock.

Planet Friendly

No more single-use plastics, zero transport emissions, made in your Restaurant.

How it works


Remove all impurities to make room for taste with our water purifiers that we use for our Restaurant Station.


Add Swedish minerals and natural extracts for better taste and well-being.


Serve your drink in reusable bottles, contributing to a plastic-free world.

8 of 10 participants preferred the taste of Bluewater over Fiji Water in a blind test

Two stainless steel faucets made for a restaurant to get pure mineralized water from Bluewater

Elevate the flavour of your coffee

For 0.5 cents you can take your coffee to the next level with Bluewater.

Take full control of your coffee

Adapting to Your Coffee Beans

Bring out the unique flavors of your carefully chosen coffee beans, ensuring each cup is a delightful experience for your customers.

Customized by You

The system is created to let you be in charge of the water infused in your coffee, making it taste just the way you intended.

A Unique Offer

Serve coffee brewed with water that is both free from waterborne contaminants and infused with the purest Swedish Minerals.

The Product Powering your Restaurant

Restaurant Station

Dvelve deeper into Bluewater for Restaurants

The Bluewater Kitchen Station 1 provides peace of mind to consumers by removing contaminants such as toxic PFAS chemicals or bacteria  in their tap water.
Water Purification

Banish tap water contaminants with the world’s most advanced kitchen water purification system from Bluewater delivering unique IoT ‘liquid rock’ mineralisation and the O ‘at-a-glance’ water quality monitor

~ Swedish water and beverage brand Bluewater collaborated with top nutritional scientists to offer health aware consumers the ultimate kitchen gadget that removes 99.97 percent of toxic chemicals from kitchen tap water and then remineralises it ~ Amid gro...