Emergency Station

Wherever Water Flows, Your Imagination Follows

Image of a black big box that is a water purification system for emergencies, it's called emergency station

Pure Water, Off the Grid

Provide Safe Hydration for Up to 10000 People Daily.

Ensuring Urgent Hydration

Designed to Help Emergency Response Teams to Rapidly Provide a Safe Supply of Water

Purely Portable

Extremely Portable: Easy to transport to any remote location

Water Source: Conductivity <26 000 (μS/cm at 25°C)

Up to 99% Purification: Purifying water from highly polluted sources

Water Flow: Produces up to 20 000 L per day

Tool-Kit Included: The tools you need for maintenance

Unmatched Durability & Mobility

Built to Take a Hit: Protection against shocks and drops

Shock-Absorbing Defence: Precision-engineered foam for ultimate protection

Move in Any Terrain: Wheels, extending handle and large 2-person fold-down handles

Rapid Operation: Designed for urgent situations

Purifier 16™

The World’s Most Compact, Efficient
and Powerful Water Purifier on The Market

image of sumo which is bluewaters most powerful purifier a stainless steel cylinder

Purifier 16™ Tech Specs

16,5 L/minute


Purity Level



Recovery rate

20 bar

Working pressure

<26 000

Conductivity <26 000 (μS/cm at 25°C)

Demonstrating Crisis-Ready Deployment

Two Emergency Station Helps Military Field Hospital and Other Military and Civilian Situations

Military field hospital

Sewage Water Pollutes Drinking Water in Sweden's Second Largest City

Sewage water pollution

The water tastes just like our local tap water, but even better

- P4 Göteborg

Here, the fast-purified water is drunk directly from Göta Älv river

—Dagens Nyheter

Quotes on water quality

Innovating with Planet in Mind

Skip the plastic

No more single-use plastic bottles.

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