Planet-friendlier Events and Venues

Companies using Bluewater for Event and Venues

Sustainable hydration solutions

Planet friendly

No plastic bottles, pure water on demand.


Save transport, storage and recycling costs.


Attract sponsors, sell reusable bottles, leverage digital signage.

How it works


Remove all impurities to make room for taste with our water purifiers that we use for our event stations.


Add Liquid Rock™ world's purest mineral for better taste and well-being.


Serve your drink in reusable bottles, contributing to a plastic-free world.

Hydration Champions in Action

“As a global venue and destination with sustainability and innovation embedded into our organizational DNA, we are always looking to collaborate with like-minded organisations who can bring world-class solutions to the Home of Golf. We are all well-aware of the terrible impacts single-use plastics cause to our environment, and so we are delighted to announce our relationship with Bluewater, which will bring state-of-the-art and sustainable hydration solutions to St Andrews Links.”

Neil Coulson, CEO

St Andrews Links Trust

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