Urban drinking
water challenge 2018

announces the winners

Three amazing water entrepreneurs from India,
Bangladesh and the US have won Bluewater’s
Imagine H2O’s Urban Drinking Water Challenge
from a list of 166 entries from 37 countries. 

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World beating yachtswoman
Dee Caffari and bluewater
join forces

As Bluewater Global Brand Ambassador,
Dee will highlight the link between
plastic pollution and drinking water quality –
and the here-and-now solutions Bluewater offers.

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Good for you,
good for humanity
good for the planet

Join our movement against single-use plastics

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World Population Day 2018 Call to Action on Water Scarcity

Bluewater calls for more focus on leveraging human ingenuity
and long-term partnerships between the public and private sectors
to innovate sustainable solutions.


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Bluewater uses its own patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology to deliver a whole new generation of water purifiers with outstanding performance and design. Innovated in Sweden, our leading-edge, energy efficient technology is engineered to deliver pristine water on demand 24 hours a day.

Bluewater’s SuperiorOsmosis™ represents the very latest in efficient reverse osmosis technology. Our high-tech approach helps ensure the water wastage common to traditional RO systems is minimized. For example, SuperiorOsmosis generates over 60% clean drinking water and less than 40% waste water. Most traditional RO units usually generate just 30 percent purified water and up to 70 percent waste water. Learn more