Bluewater partnered with South Africa’s Betway SA20 cricket league to provide stainless steel water bottles and over 2,600 litres of pure drinking water to players and staff at the recent Betway SA20 Playoffs and Final (Credit: Bluewater)

Stumping Out Throwaway Plastic: Bluewater Helps South Africa’s Betway SA20 Cricket League Keep Players Hydrated With Sustainable Bottle and Hydration Solutions

Cape Town, February 13 – Sweden’s water purification and beverage solutions innovator Bluewater partnered with South Africa’s Betway SA20 cricket league to provide stainless steel water bottles and over 2,600 litres of pure drinking water to players and staff at the recent Betway SA20 Playoffs and Final. Altogether some 5,341 water refills of 500ml bottles eliminated the need for single use plastic water bottles, a significant contribution to sustainable hydration practices at large-scale sports events.

Sunrisers Eastern Cape were triumphant at the final at Newlands Cricket Ground on Saturday, concluding a highly successful competition where sustainability was high on the agenda.

“This partnership with Betway SA20 is a key step towards creating more sustainable and eco-friendly sports events,” says Bluewater Africa General Manager Janneke Brasecke.

Through the partnership, Bluewater provided safe, healthy drinking water for players, fans, and staff throughout the Betway SA20 Playoffs, and at the Final on Saturday. The company’s water purification units were used by players in the dugouts at all matches, with every member of the qualifying teams receiving a customised reusable stainless-steel Bluewater bottle – with a lifetime warranty – replacing single-use plastic bottles.

Betway SA20 League Commissioner, Graeme Smith, described the move as an important step towards making the League a sustainable event: “We are excited to take our first step towards reducing the use of single-use plastic at the Betway SA20. This partnership helps us ensure that we are committed to both improving access to clean drinking water amongst our participants, attendees and contractors, as well as reducing plastic waste. It also reinforces the company's commitment to improving access to clean drinking water globally and creating a positive impact on human health and the environment.”

Janneke Brasecke added: “Professional sport has a unique opportunity to drive both awareness and action on planet-wide sustainability challenges. With the alarming reliance on single-use plastic bottles still so apparent at many events and venues around the world, this is a bold and important step by Betway SA20 to demonstrate that there is now a real and present solution for sustainable and healthy hydration at cricket events, without harming people and the planet.

Bluewater water stations were used at both Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town and at the Wanderers in Johannesburg. Each team dugout and changing room had a station, as well as the commentary box, and a larger mobile water trailer was available for training.

Bluewater Africa chiefly operates in South Africa to provide sustainable water solutions to event organisers, corporates, and to the hospitality industry, but is currently expanding operations into other countries across the African continent. Bluewater mobile water trailers are also used extensively by the South African film and commercial production industry, where large crews working on location, sometimes for weeks on end, are each assigned a permanent stainless steel water bottle to refill with pure drinking water, rather than relying on a constant supply of single-use plastic water bottles.

“We are stoked to be launching this collaboration with Betway SA20 and we hope it inspires many other events and venues to follow suit in ending the stranglehold of plastics,” Brasecke concluded.

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