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Bluewater Flow

Bluewater Flow Refill Station

Center view render of a Flow Refill Station
Technical render of a Flow Refill Station from the side
Technical render of a Flow Refill Station

Bluewater Flow is more than just a purification system; it’s a gateway to a world of beverage possibilities. Indulge in the freedom of choice and unlock a whole new level of hydration satisfaction.

Your bespoke hydration experience awaits with Bluewater Flow, turning a simple sip or a comforting brew into a personal treat.

User experience elevated

Fill your bottle in seconds

4 liters per minute

Set Volumes for Easy Refill

Custom Volume Control

Two Water Temperatures

Chilled at 2°C, Hot at 85°C

Advanced Osmosis


Sediment, Carbon and Advanced Osmosis

The initial stages are focusing on making your water free from contaminants. Sediment and carbon filters remove dirt, dust, and small particles, leaving the Advanced Osmosis filtration system to remove remaining contaminants like bacteria, lead and viruses.


Activated Oxygen, Alkaline and Electrolytes

In the improvement stages, we enhance water for better hydration using activated oxygen, trace minerals, and electrolytes.

Coconut carbon filter


A taste sensation. Also removes contaminantes, odor and makes the water taste like spring water

From global waste to local taste

A hotel saved over 18,000 plastic bottles each month by replacing bottled water and jugs with just 10 Bluewater Flow stations.

Close up of the Bluewater Flow water purification system

Real savings, proven results

Floor & Decor achieved $3,600 in annual savings per store.

Image of a tile floor with sunlight on it

Lululemon staff saved $14,000 per year.

Image of icons of people working out

Target employees in 10 stores saved $3,000 per year.

Center view of vegetables in a grocery store

Real people, real results

Lululemon employees experience 50% boost in performance with Bluewater Flow.

Image of icons of people working out

73% of Blink Fitness members are drinking more water thanks to Bluewater Flow.

Image of a woman working out

95% of Lululemon employees consider Bluewater Flow to be a wellness perk.

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