The Bluewater Group (hereafter “Bluewater”) Reverse Osmosis System, (CLEONE™, SPIRIT or PRO series), that you have bought is of excellent quality and construction. However, we will correct, free of charge, any defects in material (excluding replaceable filters, pumps and membranes), or workmanship for a period of 24 months from the point of purchase, subject to these terms and conditions. In addition, Bluewater undertakes a 12 months’ warranty for the reverse osmosis membrane and pump. No warranty is given for filter cartridges once they have been used (wetted).


In addition to the correction of defects in material or workmanship during the Limited warranty period and subject to exclusions, Bluewater agrees to bear the cost of repair including parts and labor. Any parts replaced during repair become the property of Bluewater.

If, in the opinion of Bluewater, a water purifier is beyond economic repair, Bluewater reserves the right at its sole discretion to provide customers with a new product of equivalent specification. If Bluewater replaces the product, the Warranty will become invalid.


Bluewater water purifiers are designed to be straightforward and simple to install, maintain and service, but we advise you use a qualified plumber, Bluewater dealer, and/or, when required, an authorised electrician. Bluewater assume no liability whatsoever arising out of the installation by a non authorised person, application, or use of any product or filter. Prior to any installation of a Bluewater water purifier system please ensure you are not infringing landlord, tenancy contracts, building, state, county and/or city codes and/or prohibitions or other requirements. Installation of a Bluewater water purifier by any person who is not an authorised dealer, plumber or electrician is at that persons own risk and Bluewater wishes to make clear that the installation information provided either in written, verbal or video format is intended as guidance only without warranty, term, or condition of any kind, either implied or expressed, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties, terms or conditions of merchantability and satisfactory quality. If needed, contact a Bluewater dealer for aid, but please note that Bluewater has no responsibility for installation of the water purifier regardless of any consultation. In addition, please note the following exclusions to the limited Bluewater warranty.

Bluewater will not bear costs for repairs where appliance breakdown is due to the following:

  • Non-compliance with safety regulations and warnings given in the operating instructions.
  • Faults caused by the user through operating errors or lack of care and maintenance.
  • Non-domestic or commercial use.
  • Use that extends beyond 1 000 000 litres of water for PRO, 150 000 litres of water for Spirit and 20000 litres of water for CLEONE™, based on Bluewater’s standard water production calculations.
  • Intentional damage by the owner or third parties.
  • Incorrect installation, including but not limited to not meeting feed water requirements.
  • Faulty repairs or repairs carried out by parties other than Bluewater or an Authorized technician;
  • External influences (e.g. fire, flooding, freezing, pressure spikes, weather, transit damage)
  • Replacement parts subject to wear and tear e.g. filters.
  • Visual blemishes such as marks and dents.
  • Use of non-approved accessories, filters, membranes or spare parts.
  • Damage to accessories.
  • Accidental damage.


  1. Contact your authorized Bluewater Group dealer where you purchased the product.
  2. The dealer will request the proof of purchase (invoice, checkout receipt or similar including, date, vendor, price and conditions) and the completion of an Incident report.
  3. The dealer will after reviewing point 2 above, issue a Claims Authorization Number (CAN), if the Warranty conditions are met. No claims will be accepted without a CAN.
  4. Depending on situation, the product will either be serviced on location by an Authorized Service Technician or brought/sent to an Authorized Service Station for repairs.

Bluewater will only bear repair costs carried out by Bluewater’s network of Authorized Service Providers. If, during a service visit, no fault can be found for which Bluewater is responsible according to this policy, customers will be invoiced with call-out charges, and labor costs of 60 minutes in accordance with current Bluewater standard national rates.