Restaurant Station

Make pure, delicious and planet friendly water in your restaurant.

Bluewater, a menu staple—made by you

How it works


Remove all impurities to make room for taste with our Spirit Purifier.


Add Swedish minerals and natural extracts for better taste and well-being.


Serve your drink in reusable bottles, contributing to a plastic-free world.

Two stainless steel faucets made for a restaurant to get pure mineralized water from Bluewater

The Tech Orchestrating the Mineralized Tap Water

App screenshotApp screenshotApp screenshot

Dosing Pump

Restaurant Station's dosing pump ensures consistent, precise mineral infusion, unlike other Reverse Osmosis Systems where remineralization filters gradually stop providing minerals and decline in accuracy over time.

Control Box

Orchestrating customization, connecting everything.

Spirit Purifier

Purifying your water with our SuperiorOsmosis™ tech, far surpassing reverse osmosis.

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Tap your way to pure water

Water pouring from a tap into a water bottle from Bluewater

Homemade, not pre-made

We give you the tools to become a Bluewater maker. You're creating Bluewater, a drink that is pure, delicious and planet friendly.

Innovating with Planet in Mind

Bluewater o product with green illustrated drops to show the bluewater is sustainable as wel as pure

Zero Transportation

Premium water purified by you locally, minimizing your footprint.

Skip the plastic

No more single-use plastic bottles.

What's in the box

Bluewater Spirit

Bluewater Spirit

Control Box

Control Box

Mineral Extract and Dosing Pump

Mineral Extract and Dosing Pump

Bluewater O

Bluewater O

Double faucet: optimizing the efficiency and taste for sparkling and still water.
Blue Pura: Cooling system for your water.
Sparkling: Cater to your customers adding sparkling water as well.

Product Specifications

Detailed specifications of the Restaurant Station.

Production Capacity60 l/h
Pressurized Tank12L
Power Source8 x 230V
Installation Volumew58 x d58 x h76
Minimum Amount of Mineralized Water Dispensed>200ml
Minerals per Liter of Mineralized Water (Light)1.7ml
Minerals per Liter of Mineralized Water (Regular)3.4ml
Minerals per Liter of Mineralized Water (Medium)5.0ml
Minerals per Liter of Mineralized Water (Bold)8.5ml
Inlet Water RequirementsRO-water (see datasheet for spirit)
Installation RequirementsCertified Bluewater Partner
LED Indications on Control BoxOrange for water, blue for dispensing RO-water
Modes Available for Puck0% RO (orange) to 100% RO (blue)
Modes Available for AppAutomatic filling 33cl, 50cl, 100cl, 150cl
Included in Package1 x Bluewater Spirit, 2 x Mineral Pump, 2 x Control Box, 2 x Puck, 2 x Gooseneck Faucet, 1 x Blusoda Box 60 fizz
Faucets2 x Bluewater Gooseneck Faucet
App CompatibilityiPhone
Smartphone RequirementsBluetooth through mobile phone

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