Bluewater jointly honoured at the prestigious international 'Beyond Sport Awards', in New York

Volvo Ocean Race sustainability programme received award honours at the prestigious international 'Beyond Sport Awards', in New York in mid-September. Bluewater was hugely proud to have been a main partner for the programme, which won in ‘The Best Corporate Campaign or Initiative in Sport for Good’ category. The programme - aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals - saw the Race work in partnership with 11th Hour Racing, the Mirpuri Foundation, UN Environment’s #CleanSeas campaign as well partners like Volvo and Bluewater. “The Volvo Ocean Race helped us to showcase in real-life at each Race stopover how Bluewater is turning words into action to deliver sustainable drinking water to people and businesses in heavily populated urban environments," said Anders Jacobson, President and chief strategy officer at Bluewater.

What are the best health-protecting water purification systems?

A new white paper from Bluewater looks at the water challenges posed by issues ranging from a mounting list of pollutants to water shortages or flooding sparked by climate change, all compounded by degrading water delivery pipe networks and sewage systems. Sadly, few water facilities are purposely equipped to fully remove the likes of hormones, toxic metals, synthetic organic chemicals and other pollutants such as micro-plastic particles that have been polluting our planet in ever increasing amounts due to industrial, construction and agricultural activities?