Americans report more cases of drinking water contamination

Bluewater’s second national survey of Americans’ drinking water attitudes and habits shows almost a third of Americans (28%) have experienced water contamination issues in the past two years, a slight increase from a prior poll.* The Google Consumer survey carried out in January 2019 attracted 2000 responses. It reveals how the deteriorating state of America’s aging infrastructure is affecting Americans as Federal government rollbacks on clean water protections threaten to compound national water problems. The Bluewater survey also reveals more Americans are taking action to improve their water supply quality. Nearly 60 percent of respondents reported they are taking some kind of action to control what’s in their drinking water--ranging from drinking store-bought bottled water to using a purification system or water delivery service. The survey also hinted at how Americans are embracing clean solutions. Approximately one in five Americans reported they now routinely carry reusable water canteens and hold a desire for public water refill stations, helping the environment and ensuring access to uncontaminated water. Additional Survey Findings: - 24 percent of respondents are concerned lead and toxic metals are in their drinking water. - 11 percent of respondents are concerned PFAS contaminate their drinking water. - 9 percent of respondents rely on bottled water because their water supply is compromised. Click here for more information.