U.S. facing worst drought in 1,000 years, new study says

The south-western USA could be facing its worst drought in 1,000 years because of climate change.

Numerous U.S. states have experienced severe water shortages, with 64 million people affected and researchers using computer models say things could get worse.

Authors of a research paper published in the journal Science Advances also warned that American’s may have to get used to droughts as a way of life.

Ben Cook, from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies who helped to write the paper, said in a press release:

"These mega-droughts during the 1100s and 1200s persisted for 20, 30, 40, 50 years at a time, and they were droughts that no one in the history of the United States has ever experienced.

"The droughts that people do know about like the 1930s 'dustbowl' or the 1950s drought, or even the ongoing drought in California, and the southwest today - these are all naturally occurring droughts that are expected to last only a few years or perhaps a decade. Imagine instead the current California drought going on for another 20 years,"

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