Dancers wearing Swedish traditional costume celebrate Midsummer and the bounties sun and water bring to the planet

The Midsummer solstice, a time to celebrate the life-giving energy of sun and water

There are many things Swedes do well but celebrating the summer solstice, or Midsummer, at the end of June every year is an occasion they have turned into a social art fest.

A traditional high-point of the Nordic summer, the midsummer festivities embrace large gatherings of family, friends and party-goers. With roots far back in pagan history, midsummer is a time to give thanks for the sunshine and water that nourish all living things on the planet and is a magical time for love.

All around the world, water is symbolic of purity and fertility. Taoists consider water an aspect of wisdom, while Native Americans see water as a symbol of life, for example. The 3,000-year old Ayurvedic medical system says water has a number of healing qualities and recommends sipping water all day long to stay well hydrated and keep the digestive system functioning at peak performance.

There is substantial evidence of the benefits that may come from drinking water and staying well hydrated. These included helping to flush out toxins, improve performance, boosting both body energy levels and brand function, preventing headaches, promoting weight loss, and improve skin complexion.

With all the benefits coming from drinking water, we better make sure the water we are putting inside our bodies is as pure as nature intended. And that’s why Bluewater ensures its water purifiers are the best that human ingenuity can come up when it comes to removing contaminants like lead, pharmaceutical by-products, fertiliser and other chemicals and micro-plastics that research shows are increasingly being found in tap water all over the world, on all continents.

Every celebration of the bounties offered by our amazing planet should provide a moment of reflection about the quality of the life we are living and aspire to. Such as creating a world without the need for single-use plastics bottles. This is something Bluewater has put at the heart of its business mission by innovating technologies able to deliver large amounts of pure water at point of use and thereby remove the need for both plastic bottles and their transportation from one side of the globe to the other.

When Swedes gather around their Maypoles in Stockholm, or further afield in London or Hong Kong or Beijing, the Midsummer festival is a special moment filled with the symbolism of celebrating life and fertility and invigorating body and soul in the energy emanating from the midnight sun.

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