Compact bottling station from Bluewater efficiently fills, labels, caps and washes re-useable water bottles for use in hotels and restaurants, spelling an end for polluting throwaway bottles

The end of single-use plastic bottles in hotels? Bluewater launches planet-friendly compact hotel and restaurant bottling solution in Indonesia

Jakarta, January 30, 2024 -- Bluewater, a pioneer in advanced water purification and beverage solutions, has unveiled its innovative smart HotelStation™ bottling solution in Indonesia, marking a significant step in its mission to terminate single-use plastic water bottles in the hotel and restaurant industry. The first of these solutions has launched operations at the 4-star 362-room Novotel Jakarta Mangga Dua Square in central Jakarta, which has an enviable reputation for its modern design – and now also for its super green credentials.

The compact HotelStation™ enables hotels to efficiently serve great tasting, purified and remineralized bottled water to guests while avoiding costly, eco-unfriendly transports and expensive storage and recycling costs. The state-of-the-art station cleans used glass bottles before hygienically filling, labelling, and capping them with water purified by a high-performance Bluewater PRO water purifier.

Capable of supplying up to 17 hotels offering around 4,000 guest rooms and related restaurant and spa facilities, the system is a testament to Bluewater's commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible water consumption as well as reducing the carbon footprint resulting from today’s transportation of drinking water bottles.

“Bluewater's smart bottling solution is a game-changer for the hospitality industry,” said Didier Perez, head of Indonesia's Jakarta-based PIPA water company, which was acquired by Bluewater in December 2023. "By removing up to 99.7 percent of known water contaminants, including toxic chemicals like PFAS, viruses and bacteria, and micro- and nano-plastic particles, we are not only providing clean and healthy drinking water to local hotels but also making a significant contribution to reducing plastic waste.”

Bluewater's initiative aligns with its broader objectives of improving global access to clean drinking water and positively impacting human health and the environment. The company is dedicated to developing and deploying innovative water purification systems that meet the needs of the 21st century.

“Launching our innovative HotelStation solution in Indonesia represents a significant milestone in Bluewater's mission,” said Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri. Noting studies have revealed that over five million plastic bottles are used globally by hotels every single day, he said that the launch demonstrates how technology can be harnessed to promote sustainability and health in an industry that has traditionally been a significant contributor to plastic bottle waste.

The fears of consumers across Southeast Asia and globally about the water they are drinking have been highlighted by public opinion polls following scientific studies warning of the dangers of bottled water being polluted by micro-plastic particles and tap water contaminated by chemical substances such as PFAS. A global public opinion survey by GlobeScan revealed that 58 percent of almost 30,000 people polled in 31 countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, and China, viewed freshwater shortages as a 'very serious' problem.

"Access to clean, safe drinking water without plastic is a fundamental human right," said Mr. Rittri (photo above). He said the Swedish company’s leading-edge water purification solutions are designed to help both consumers and HORECA businesses address any water quality concerns head-on.

An acclaimed environmental entrepreneur in Sweden, Bengt Rittri said Bluewater's water purification systems are not just a solution to water quality problems; they represent a significant step towards a more sustainable water future, not only for consumers but also for safeguarding business and national security.

"When we launched Bluewater, we created a planetary plan rather than a traditional business plan, driven by the desire to help combat climate change consequences and accelerate moving to a circular economy " said Mr. Rittri.

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