Bluewater water purifiers help users create great tasting mocktails using water as pure as nature intended for a super Valentines Day boost

Forget the champagne, give your love life a boost this Valentine’s Day with a glass or two of water, suggests Bluewater

Stockholm, Sweden, February 13, 2021 – Chugging a glass of water probably isn’t the first thought springing to mind when thinking about how to add some sparkle to your love life when in Covid lockdown this Valentine’s Day. But if you’re looking for an extra boost, you just may be better off replacing the champagne with some of the flat stuff from the kitchen tap.

You see, whole bunch of health and wellbeing studies show that failing to drink enough water causes symptoms such as stress, fatigue, moodiness, and dry skin – all factors that can seriously dampen our love life. Which is where the power of pure water comes in.

“Staying properly hydrated is vital to our health, wellbeing, and our performance at just about everything, which means it should also positively enhance your love life,” said Dave Noble, communications head at Bluewater, a Swedish water purification company that sells high performance water purifiers and eco-friendly water bottles around the world.

Suffering dehydration saps energy. Athletes pay close attention to staying hydrated adequately because science has shown it helps avoid cardiovascular and muscle strain and delay fatigue. And what works for athletes on the track, on a pitch, or in a pool, should work equally well for your efforts in bed because drinking the correct amount of water is a proven way to enhance athletic energy and stamina.

Apart from helping us run (and dance), water can help keep eyes healthy and sharp and brings life to our skin. Research has indicated that around 17 percent of women aged 18 - 50 suffer from vaginal dryness during sex, which can be uncomfortable or even painful, affecting life quality. There are several ways to tackle the problem, from medicines to lubricants. But vaginal dryness can also result from upsetting the delicate pH balance of the vaginal ecosystem by failing to drink enough water.

Erectile dysfunction is two words guaranteed to terrify many men. There is evidence that the problem may result in some cases from dehydration impacting blood flow. We know dehydration can reduce blood volume and affect mood. So, it stands to reason that drinking water may help maintain an erection because it helps increase the smooth flow of oxygen in the bloodstream.

But how much water is enough water to drink every day? Bluewater asked Dr. Angie Mueller, a Hawaii-based sports medicine specialist who advises the company on hydration issues, for her thoughts: “Since everybody is different, everyone has different hydration requirements. The old “6-8 glasses” per day rule is outdated and just doesn’t cut it,” she says.

Dr. Angie instead recommends using a simple calculation based on your body weight to achieve the most beneficial water intake: Measure your weight in pounds, divide that number in half _ that is how much water your body needs in ounces. For example (with kilo equivalent): You weigh 150 pounds (almost 70 kilos). Dividing 150 by two gives you 75. This means you need to drink 75 ounces (or approx. 2.3 liters) of water per day, depending on your weight and gender, and the climate.”

“If all it takes is a glass or two of waterto change your love life for the better this Valentine’s Day, what’s not to love?” said Dave Noble. “Sexual performance clearly goes hand in hand with water-boosted health and wellbeing, so maybe a smart move is to bin the champagne and instead try a glass of pure water, straight, on the rocks, or served as a fruity mocktail.”

For more information, contact Dave Noble, Bluewater PR & Communications Director at or +44 7785 302 694.