A Bluewater 2018 highlight was the opening of the company's Cape Town office to spur expansion in South Africa and the African continent. Photo shows Bluewater Africa's James Steere, (right) with Andreas Loibnegger, Bluewater Chief Technology Officer

Bluewater sets sights on its clean water for everyone initiatives in 2019, building on company’s 2018 leap forward

Stockholm, Sweden, January 8, 2019 – In April 2018, Bluewater kicked off a “season of action” toward clean water solutions free from single-use plastics and contaminants. Closing out the year, the water technology leader reports progress in advancing its global clean drinking water movement, providing alternatives to single-use plastic, raising awareness on the critical water issues of our time and forging partnerships through investments in a slew of companies in the drinking water arena.

While the world’s natural resources and water quality continued to worsen in 2018 in the face of unrelenting pollution of oceans, lakes, and rivers by contaminants ranging from industrial and agricultural chemicals to micro-plastics, Bluewater’s efforts were geared to help stem the tide of water pollution and contamination.

Specific 2018 milestones:

●Bluewater launched ingenious water purification public hydration stations able to generate pure drinking water onsite even from water considered unfit for human consumption

●These hydration stations were deployed both to key water crisis areas across the world, notably in Flint, Michigan and Cape Town, South Africa

●Bluewater’s public hydration stations sustainably provided an estimated 27 million gallons of clean water, preventing the equivalent of over 800,000 standard-size plastic bottles from entering landfills and oceans

●Bluewater distributed clean water in six continents, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America, in countries ranging from Australia, Brazil and China to Britain, The Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States

● Bluewater made strategic investments in four water companies also on a mission to provide consumers access to clean water while battling single-use plastic bottles: I-Drop Water in South Africa, TAPP in Spain and US-based Microlyze (now Spout) and FloWater.

The Bluewater clean drinking water movement forged impactful partnerships to further its global impact. Key partners include the United Nations, Volvo Ocean Race, Friends of the Chicago River, 11th Hour Racing, and Imagine H20. In partnership with Imagine H20, three water technology startup companies--Microlyze (Denver, CO), Drinkwell (Dhaka, Bangladesh) and SmartTerra (Bengaluru, India), received a sum of $1 million to spur green innovation and continue the clean drinking water movement.

“At Bluewater our philosophy is pure drinking, cooking and bathing water for everyone, everywhere for home use, commercial enterprises and public dispensing and we’ve made strides in delivering on that promise over the past year,” said Anders Jacobson, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Bluewater.

“Water contamination and scarcity issues continue to plague the world’s ever-growing population and pose a threat to planetary and human health. As we look to 2019, our focus is to increase the momentum of this water movement and provide tangible clean water solutions that address failing water infrastructures in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world due to pollution and ageing pipes and plants,” said Jacobson.

Marked by great achievement and powerful results, 2018 was just the beginning. Already for 2019, Bluewater has big plans that will proliferate the drinking water movement into Q1 2019 and beyond, including:

●Global growth via strategic business investments and expanded partnerships

●Unveiling Bluewater’s second U.S. survey of consumer awareness and attitudes about contaminated drinking water

●Publishing groundbreaking research on the devastating health impacts of water contamination and plastic ingestion for human beings

“Our 2018 efforts are a testament of change that can happen when actors across society--corporations, businesses, consumers and governments--come together to create a healthier future,” Jacobson continued. “As threats to the world’s natural resources and human beings’ health continues from sources like plastic water bottles, it is imperative we all act courageously and swiftly.”

“Together, 2019 can be the year the tides are turned on single-use plastics and the global clean drinking water movement radically transforms the future,” added Jacobson. “We at Bluewater hold great optimism for our collective future, and will be ambitious in the year ahead to spark global change, reducing single-use plastics and providing millions with clean drinking water.”

Media enquiries to David Noble, Bluewater PR & Communications Director at david.noble@bluewatergroup.com or +44 7785 302 694