Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride?

Yes, reverse osmosis (RO) systems effectively remove fluoride from water. Reverse osmosis works by pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane, which filters out a wide range of contaminants, including fluoride. This process is highly efficient in reducing fluoride levels in drinking water, making it a popular choice for those seeking to reduce fluoride intake.

Key Points about Reverse Osmosis Systems:

  1. What is Reverse Osmosis?
    • Reverse osmosis is a water filtration process that removes impurities by using pressure to force water through a membrane.
    • The membrane blocks contaminants, allowing only pure water to pass through. (Water Quality Association)
  2. Effectiveness in Fluoride Removal
    • RO systems can remove up to 99.7% of fluoride from tap water.
    • This makes them one of the most effective methods for reducing fluoride levels.
  3. Additional Benefits
    • Besides fluoride, reverse osmosis systems also remove other contaminants like PFAS, chlorine, lead, and more.
    • They produce high-quality drinking water by removing dissolved solids, bacteria, and other harmful substances. (NSF International)

Types of Filters in RO Systems

  • Carbon Filter: Removes chlorine and organic contaminants, improving taste and odor.
  • Sediment Filter: Captures larger particles like sand and rust.
  • RO Membrane: The core component that filters out the smallest contaminants, including fluoride.

Home Water Filters and Other Uses

  • RO systems are used not only for drinking water but also in various applications like shower filters and whole-house systems.
  • These systems ensure that all water used in the home is purified, enhancing overall water quality.

Bluewater's SuperiorOsmosis™ Technology

Bluewater offers advanced RO systems featuring their patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology. This technology removes up to 99.7% of contaminants, including fluoride, ensuring the purest water possible. Bluewater products, such as the Kitchen Station 1™, provide mineralized and purified water, promoting health and sustainability.

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