House Station

Komplett helhuslösning för rening av bräckt och brunnsvatten

A hotel station inside a hotel deliver pure, mineralized water to guests
Kitchen station

Tap into pure mineralized water right at home

A complete wholehouse solution

Regardless of whether your water source is brackish, well water or lake water, House Station™ ensures the highest quality. At the same time, you save valuable groundwater.

Private Well

Brackish Water

Lake Water

99.7% purified

Save Water

Filtration optimized for you to stay healthy

Heart, muscle and bone health

Calcium and magnesium in water foster bone strength, and aid heart and muscle function.

Microplastic removal

Eliminating microplastics from water protects your health by reducing exposure to potential toxins and environmental pollutants.

Free from PFAS

Eradicating PFAS from water safeguards your health by minimizing exposure to these harmful, persistent chemicals.

Water Purification

Purely groundbreaking

Mobile top view of osmosis system

Sediment filter

Removes large particles like sand and rust, preparing water for finer filtration.


The technology boasts one of the highest purification rates in the market, an impressive 99.7%. SuperiorOsmosis™ outperforms its rivals with an up to 80% recovery rate, addressing a critical flaw in traditional reverse osmosis systems – water wastage. The longest membrane lifetimes in the industry mean reduced replacement frequency, resulting in cost savings for you over time. It also signifies less environmental strain. The cost savings, in the long run, emerge not just from the financial perspective but also from an ecological viewpoint, making SuperiorOsmosis™ a beacon of responsible innovation in the industry.

What our purification removes







Sediments and Rust

Bad Taste and Odor

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)





Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs)

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCP)

Microplastics (various sizes)

Hormones and Endocrine Disruptors / Bisfenol A (BPA)







Bacterial Contamination (e.g., E.coli, Coliforms)

Nano plastics

Dissolved solids

Tailor-made for your home

Our specialists help you tailor a solution for your residence and needs.



Washing Machine

Swimming Pool

From consultation to installation

1. Consultation

Our technicians visit your property and provide you with a quote that is designed for your wishes and environment. Water analysis is taken if needed and the cost is deducted from the approved quote.

2. Installation

Once the quote is accepted, our technicians come to your home, install and perform a cost-free water analysis on your new system.

3. Annual Service

We offer an annual service agreement to ensure that your water maintains the highest quality year after year.

4. Support anytime

Should anything unexpected happen, our specialists are ready to assist you.

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