Water industry change-maker Bluewater demonstrates you don't need AI to get a drink of pure drinking water served hot, cold or warm in central Shanghai, just a cool-looking hydration station with an outstanding clean water delivery rate.

Unique Bluewater hydration station serves free water to Shanghai’s bustling Metro users

Shanghai, China, September 17, 2018 – Bluewater, a world leader in water purification technologies and solutions for home, business and public use, today opened its first public hydration station outside a bustling Metro station in central Shanghai, China.

Powered by a powerhouse Bluewater Pro water purifier, the permanent water station will serve free water, either chilled or hot, to anyone using a reusable water bottle.

The station is the result of a unique partnership between Bluewater and the highly favorite Shanghai premium coffee café, Coffee Call, which is located in Shanghai’s West Bund area beside Exit 6 of the Yunjin Road Station on the city’s Metro line 11.

“The water station generates pure water without any health-threatening contaminants from municipal water such as toxic metals like lead and thereby allays consumer fears about the quality of tap water in the city of 24 million people,” said Laurence Dai, Vice General Manager, Bluewater China.

He said the water was being provided free under the partnership between Bluewater and Coffee Call to all Shanghai citizens carrying a reusable bottle.

Purified water from the station will be used by Coffee Call in its upmarket outlet to generate superior tasting coffee from a safe water source.

“For Coffee Call, the initiative is a way to further improve the taste of their coffee and demonstrate a premium approach, while for us at Bluewater it is a way to drive awareness about solutions available today that solve water quality issues such as lead contamination, at home, in a workplace or for the general public,” Laurence Dai noted.

Shanghai is hosting the inaugural World Artificial Intelligence Conference September 17 -21 that will be attended by some of the world’s leading artificial intelligence scientists, high ranking politicians and senior industrial executives, such as Jack Ma from Alibaba and Pony Ma from Tencent.

Additionally, Coffee Call has been selected to host a number of high-level events being held during the AI show due to its close vicinity to Shanghai’s West Bund riverside conference center.

The hydration station carries prominent sustainability messages outlining the dangers single-use plastic bottles pose to the environment as billions of bottles are not recycled and end up polluting oceans on a massive scale.

A recent Bluewater White Paper from Bluewater notes how consumers worry about contaminants in their tap and bottled water.

According to a study by a US research team at Orb Media: “…a single bottle can hold dozens or possibly even thousands of microscopic plastic particles.” Tests by Orb Media on over 250 water bottles from 11 brands revealed plastic contamination, including polypropylene, nylon, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

“Many thousands of people pass in and out of the Yunjin Road Metro station every day, and we want to spark their interest in the importance of excellent water quality and the solutions that deliver it as well as spur a commitment to help the world battle single-use plastics pollution,” said Laurence Dai.

For more information, please contact:

China, Laurence Dai, Vice General Manager, Bluewater China, on +86 1861 6877 505 or laurence.dai@bluewatergroup.com

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