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There's a massive appetite in sport to achieve more sustainability impetus, leading sports sustainability expert tells latest Planet Water! podcast

Stockholm, Sweden, March 29, 2021 – One of the world’s top sustainability in sports experts says she has seen a massive surge in interest in green initiatives in the past few years among sporting event organisers and arenas.

Claire Poole, founder of the annual Sports Positive Summit (photo below), told the latest Planet Water! Podcast that she’s “definitely seen a big difference since the UN Sports Climate Action Framework was launched. And I think that's really heightened the visibility and the progress and the work in the area”.

The latest edition of the monthly Planet Water! Podcast from Swedish water brand Bluewater, was published today on a variety of platforms, including Acast, Spotify, Apple, and other platforms.

In the podcast, Claire Pool said corporations such as Bluewater, which has embedded sustainability at the heart of its business mission, have a barnstorming role to play in bringing bring sports organisations along on the sustainability journey with them. But, she adds, it’s not enough for companies or sports associations to merely operate in a more sustainable way, they need to “bring the public on board as well”.

The monthly Bluewater Planet Water podcast, which features top names from the world of water, sports, business, and the environment, aims to provide audiences with an informative platform around critical issues of water, hydration, health and wellness, and the environment. Claire Poole said the Sport Positive Summit exists to ‘unleash the potential of sport for climate action’.

.The Bluewater Planet Water Podcast is available on mobile devices via apps such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify and the Bluewater website. You can find the latest Bluewater podcast on Acast here as well as on Spotify, Apple and Google platforms.

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