On World Clean Up Day, Bluewater helps Cape Town avoid plastic trash becoming micro plastics (photos: Maryann Shaw)

On World Clean Up Day, Bluewater South Africa help volunteer cleaners stay hydrated while cleaning the planet of trash

Cape Town, South Africa, September 20, 2020 – Thought the world looked a little cleaner Sunday morning?

It certainly deserved to look more sparkly after the efforts by millions of volunteers in countries around the planet who gave up several hours on Saturday to take part in World Clean Up Day by collecting plastic and other trash rubbish from seashore and countryside sites.

Joining in with direct hydration support was a team from the Bluewater organization in Cape Town, South Africa. Partnering with local Cape Town eco group Sea the Bigger Picture, Bluewater harnessed the power of the water company’s unique mobile water stations to provide 30 volunteers of all ages who spent two hours collecting trash at Hout Bay Harbour.

The result? The Bluewater water stations served up 98 liters during the two-hour clean-up, which saw two 1,000-liter bags filled with an array of plastic waste otherwise destined to ultimately break down into micro-plastic.

“Micro plastics are now in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink so it feels great to have done our bit at Bluewater to provide pure, great tasting water to the volunteers helping make Cape Town and the planet a healthier place for future generations,” said Janneke Brasecke, General Manager Bluewater South Africa.

For more information, please contact Janneke Brasecke at +27 (0) 72 713 1410 or janneke.brasecke@bluewatergroup.com

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