Bluewater helped film crews and actors stay properly hydrated and avoid using single-use plastic bottles while filming Ridley Scott's Raised by Wolves hit TV production in South Africa.

Helping film and TV production sets help save the planet from plastic bottle plague

Stockholm, September 23, 2020 – Iconic showbiz industry publication, The Hollywood Reporter, has shone a spotlight on Bluewater’s innovative approach to helping film and TV production sets bump off pesky single-use plastic bottles. In its latest issue, THR reports how Bluewater won its showbiz break on the Ridley Scott Raised by Wolves television drama filmed in South Africa.

Raised by Wolves, which has been winning accolades since its recent launch on HBO Max, was filmed on location in South Africa’s Western Cape. The Hollywood Reporter writes how Grant Kilian, the show’s logistics manager, ‘wasn’t thrilled by the idea of lugging plastic bottles from site to site. So, he started to look around for an alternative’.

The solution discovered by Kilian was an innovative mobile Bluewater water station.

The hydration station proved to be a perfect choice, for actors, staff and the planet, according to Cheryl Eatock, Raised by Wolves’ line producer.

She told The Hollywood Reporter that the station was a success from day one, saving both money that would have been spent on providing bottled water to everyone on set as well as providing the obvious benefit to the environment.

‘Actual data in terms of how many bottles of water were substituted on Raised by Wolves is close to 100,000. This is beyond significant and spoke directly to supporting our green sustainability initiative for the whole production," Cheryl told The Hollywood Reporter.

The Bluewater trailers are similar in size to a VIP mobile changing room, which means they can be towed around behind a small pickup truck or SUV, easing planning and unit production movement schedules.

The Bluewater water stations push the envelope on production sets in the way they dispense cold water from four separate dispensers, with each tap capable of delivering half a gallon, or just over 2.2 liters in under a minute, served still or sparkling.

Bluewater’s unique reverse osmosis water purification technology can also tap practically any source of water, whether potable or non-potable, from a lake, river, well or municipal.

“Mobile and static Bluewater water stations have proven themselves in challenging locations at sporting and music events in South Africa and around the world. We are proud to have worked on the Raised by Wolves set as well as have our sustainability-driven hydration solutions acknowledged by industry leading media such as The Hollywood Reporter,” said David Noble, Bluewater PR and Communications Director.

For more information on Bluewater mobile water solutions, please contact Janneke Brasecke, Bluewater General Manager, South Africa, at +27 (0) 72 713 1410 or

International media enquiries to David Noble at or +44 7785 302 694.