Bluewater founder Bengt Rittri, a leading Swedish environmental entrepreneur, is as passionate about yoga as he is about helping everyone, everywhere gain access to clean drinking water.

Helping balance body and mind, Bluewater provides pure water at Asia’s largest outdoor yoga festival

Hong Kong. March 3, 2018 – Good hydration is as important to maximising the benefits of yoga as breathing correctly – before, during and after each session. And that’s why Bluewater is serving its purified water at one of Asia’s largest outdoor yoga events, the Hong Kong Iris Festival, running March 3 - 4.

Over 6,000 yoga and wellness enthusiasts are getting together for a packed weekend of yoga, meditation, fitness, dance, music, and arts.

Visitors can also partake of healthy veggie and vegan snacks, juices and energy drinks, and Bluewater’s water free of contaminants ranging from toxic metals like lead to chemicals and the micro-plastic fibres increasingly found in tap water around the world.

Bluewater founder Bengt Rittri, a Swedish environmental entrepreneur and dedicated yoga practitioner, believes yoga and drinking pure water is a good way to meet health goals.

“More and more people are investing in personal wellness as they grow increasingly aware of the threats posed to themselves by the mindless pollution of our planet by the likes of plastics and other contaminants,” Bengt said.

Bengt added that he had created Bluewater to give people confidence that the water they were drinking was as pure as nature intended.

Providing safe filtered drinking water for attendees, Bluewater’s water refill stations also help to ensure people can avoid using single-use plastic bottles – saving around an estimated 6,000 plastic bottles during the two-day festival.

Engineered with love in Sweden, Bluewater’s point-of-use water technology leverages unique second-generation reverse osmosis solutions to deliver unmatched amounts of pure water and slash the amount of waste water generated by traditional RO systems by up to 80 percent.

Late last year Bluewater launched clean drinking water movement for a sustainable future without single use plastic bottles.

“We want to harness human ingenuity to develop disruptive transformational thinking that will provide more people around the globe with on-demand clean drinking water in ways that will help bring an end to the need for throwaway plastic bottles,” said Bengt Rittri.

For more information, please contact David Noble, Head of PR and Communication, atdavid.noble@bluewatergroup.comor +44 7785 302 694