Bluewater's Sustainable Hydration Fuels 2024 AT&T Championship, Eliminates 13,000 Plastic Bottles

Denver, February 7, 2024 --In a ground-breaking move towards sustainable hydration, Bluewater, a global pioneer in sophisticated water purification and beverage solutions, has reached a significant environmental milestone in February at the 2024 PGA AT&T Championship at Pebble Beach. In collaboration with HNS Sports and the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, Bluewater's hydration solutions successfully eliminated the need for over 13,000 single-use plastic bottles, preventing them from contributing to landfill waste.

Bluewater stationed four of its cutting-edge Venue Towers at the Championship for use in back-of-house areas, ensuring access to clean, healthy drinking water for 1,500 volunteers, media personnel, and veterans at the Patriots Outpost. This event marked the North American premiere of Bluewater's new remineralizer filter, which infuses a concentrate of naturally sourced Swedish minerals into local water purified by Bluewater’s unique SuperiorOsmosis technology. The filter was lauded for its exceptional performance, delivering water with an outstanding taste and a crisp finish.

Harnessing the company's unique SuperiorOsmosis™ technology, Bluewater's event dispensers generate water as pure as nature intended, effectively removing toxic chemicals like PFAS, microplastic particles, and bacteria.

Bluewater founder and CEO, Bengt Rittri, a leading Swedish environment entrepreneur, stated, “Our mission is to provide sustainable access to clean drinking water worldwide and eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles”.

Bluewater North America event manager, Brady McGrath, added, “Our successful intervention at the 2024 AT&T Championship is a clear demonstration of the Bluewater commitment to this mission. By providing our advanced water purification systems at such a large-scale event, we've not only reduced plastic waste significantly but also raised awareness about responsible water consumption.”

Bluewater's participation in the event demonstrated that the company’s event hydration solutions provide a practical, immediate solution to ending the need for single-use plastic bottles at events, most of which end up in landfills or oceans when discarded.

Bluewater's innovative water solutions are making a positive impact on human health and the environment, one event at a time. The company has become the choice of sustainability-focused event organisers and venue managers around the world who are investing in sustainability and seek to eliminate single-use plastic bottles.

Now available in the United States, Bluewater already is a major name in the worldwide sports industry, providing its solutions to The Open - golf’s oldest and most international major championship – through to the Ocean Race, Cape Town Marathon, Beach Soccer Worldwide, Formula E, and Desert Vipers Twenty20 cricket, and redefining hydration at some of the most prominent and exciting events and venues around the world.

As part of its global growth mission, in 2023 Bluewater acquired one of the fastest-growing innovators in the water hardware space, FloWater.

FloWater transforms ordinary tap water into ultra-purified premium drinking water, FloWater Refill Stations are used in over 10,000 locations including Hyatt, Google, Red Bull, and Oakland Unified Schools, and have saved over 833 million single-use plastic water bottles from the environment, on track to save one billion single use plastic water bottles by the end of this year.

“Bluewater and FloWater are fully aligned towards changing the way the world drinks water, with our focus on developing and deploying advanced water purification solutions wherever consumers work, rest, and play, promoting sustainable water consumption at major events, and improving access to clean drinking water,” said Denver-based FloWater CEO Rich ‘Raz’ Razgaitis.

For more information about Bluewater, its mission, and events offerings, visit our website here. Or contact Bluewater Chief Communications and PR Officer, Dave Noble at