Powerhouse Bluewater Pro delivers up 1,825 gallons of purified water from a compact unit that fits neatly under a kitchen counter

Bluewater Pro 400 Honored With Top U.S Professional Kitchen Innovation Award

Overland Park, Kansas, February 26, 2019 – Bluewater, a world leader in water purification technologies and solutions for homes, businesses and public dispensers, has been honoured with a 2019 Kitchen Innovations award for its powerhouse Bluewater Pro 400 professional kitchen water purifier. For over ten years, the U.S. food services industry has trusted the Kitchen Innovations award to recognize products that ‘meaningfully improve the back of the house’ and ‘positively impact’ commercial kitchen operations.

“We are honoured that the benefits delivered to restaurant kitchens and other catering operations by the Bluewater Pro 400 have been recognised with a 2019 Kitchen Innovations Award,” said Lin Guo, head of Bluewater sales in North America. Innovated and made in Sweden, the Bluewater Pro 400 harnesses a unique, patented reverse-osmosis technology called SuperiorOsmosis that enables it to generate up to 1,825 gallons of direct-flow water a day despite its compact, space-saving size.

Measuring just 18.3 inches high and 8.9 inches wide, the WQA Gold Seal certified Bluewater Pro is designed for food service industry professionals looking for new, cutting-edge water purifiers that can benefit multiple applications and deliver reliable peace-of-mind results, improved quality, and better profitability, backed up with a US-wide support service to match.

In addition to delivering pristine water quality, enhanced appliance operating efficiency, reduced water-related costs, the Bluewater Pro provide excellent green-business credentials such as reducing the need for dishwasher detergents, cutting the need for single-use plastic bottles of water and slashing water wastage common to traditional reverse osmosis systems.

“What helped the Bluewater Pro stand out from the crowd to be honoured with the KI Award is Bluewater ’s second-generation reverse osmosis technology called SuperiorOsmosis™, delivers a unique engineering solution that ensures the membrane is continuously washed while in use to increase filtration efficiency, boost operating capacity, reduce energy use and provide a long service life,” Ms. Guo said.

Key Bluewater Water Pro Purifier benefits

  • Unmatched clean water flow
  • Incredibly compact, smart design easy to fit under kitchen sink units, providing fast installation
  • Eco friendlier with reduced water wastage
  • Alerts on water quality, pressure leakage, filter capacity and replacement
  • User-friendly, easy maintenance – automated valves, pumps and cleaning
  • Long life membrane
  • Competitively priced

The complete list of recipients of the 2019 Kitchen Innovation Awards can be found at https://show.restaurant.org/exhibitors/ki-awards.

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