Iit's as important to hydrate properly in cold weather as it is when warm (Photo: iStock)

Bluewater Advocates Year-Round Hydration & Sustainability Amid Winter Chill in Northern Hemisphere

As the chill of winter descends and temperatures take a nosedive in the northern hemisphere, Bluewater, a trailblazer in water purification and healthy beverage solutions, urges everyone to keep hydration at the forefront of their health regimen. Despite a widespread belief that hydration takes a backseat during the colder months, writes Bluewater’s Dave Noble, Bluewater wants to underscore the necessity of maintaining optimal hydration levels throughout the year.

Numerous studies have indicated that as the temperature plunges our feelings of thirst can decrease by 40 percent as a result of blood vessels constricting to prevent blood flowing to the extremities in order to conserve heat. The risk of dehydration also increase as we force our bodies to work harder by adding more layers of clothes to battle the chilly weather, causing us to sweat more and thereby lose more liquid.

“Hydration isn't a seasonal concern but a daily necessity, irrespective of the weather,” asserts Bluewater chief research scientist, Dr. Ahmed Fawzi, a luminary in the realm of healthy hydration. He adds however that many studies clearly show that during the colder months most of us do not focus as much on staying correctly hydrated as we do when the weather is warmer.

Cold weather studies at the University of New Hampshire some 20 years ago already spotlighted an increased risk for dehydration when the weather turns cooler. According to UNH associate professor of kinesiology Robert Kenefick “people just don’t feel as thirsty when the weather is cold, which means they don’t drink as much, and this can cause dehydration.”

Dr. Kenefick said most people lose a great deal of water from their bodies in the winter due to respiratory fluid loss through breathing, by working harder under the weight of extra clothing, and sweat evaporating more quickly in the colder, drier air. His advice is to drink plenty of water, especially when exercising or working outdoors, and, importantly, to examine urine output – the color should be nearly clear.

Seven early warning signals you may be dehydrated

  • Increased thirst and a dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • A headache
  • Dry eyes/blurred vision
  • Headaches/disorientation
  • Cramping muscles
  • Dark urine

Benefit of hydrating with purified water
Bluewater hydration solutions offer the distinct added-value benefit of delivering water that is not only free from toxins such as PFAS chemicals but is also enhanced with minerals, resulting in better tasting purified water. This is in line with the Bluewater business vision that the best water is water locally sourced and purified, which not only assures the highest quality water but also considerably lessens the environmental footprint associated with the global transportation of bottled water.

To promote sustainability, Bluewater beverage solutions are designed to be generated at the point of use, be it at home, work, or public spaces, eliminating the need for transporting single-use plastic bottles. This approach is a testament to the Bluewater commitment to a sustainable future as are Bluewater refillable bottles.

Lifetime warranty for a sustainable choice of bottle
Bluewater bottles, available to buy from our website, are designed to be super planet-friendly. Warrantied to last a lifetime, Bluewater bottles are BPA and BPS-free, and made from sustainable, recyclable materials.

A Bluewater insulated, double wall bottle is made of stainless steel, and uses highly durable and hypoallergenic silicon for the easy-carry loop and leak-stopping lid sealing. We believe it is the only premium bottle you will ever truly need.

Available in multiple colors and sizes, and keeping cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours, and hot drinks warm for 12 hours or so, you'll find you can carry your Bluewater bottle everywhere, whether in slick urban environment, a chic ski slope or in the wilderness. which means. Explore our bottle range here, including the stunning bottle made exclusively for team members of the New York Yacht Club America’s Cup entry, American Magic.

Finally, as we journey through the slippery winter months, Bluewater encourages everyone to stay hydrated, stay healthy, and make choices that have a positive impact on our planet.

Remember, every drop matters. #nosingleusebottles #adrinkthatmatters