Global solo around the world sailor Dee Caffari understands as an athlete the need to hydrate adequately to maintain peak physical and mental performance (Credit: Alina Raducea)

Americans should make proper hydration a part of their daily lives to improve health and wellbeing, says water purification company Bluewater

Stockholm, Sweden, May 4, 2021 – Bluewater, a global leader in innovative water purification technology, today marked Drinking Water Week in North America with a call for people to make proper hydration a part of their daily life. The company released a comprehensive fact file providing insights into the health and wellbeing benefits of good hydration in an effort to spur great awareness around drinking water smarter.

“A 2020 study found that most Americans are just not drinking enough water because they are too busy or just forget to hydrate,” said Bluewater spokesperson, Dave Noble, PR and communications chief.

He said that like most everything else in life, "people need to be street wise when it comes to hydration and hit the right individual balance between drinking too little or too much by making proper hydration a part of their daily life".

The Bluewater fact file notes many people feel confused about just how much water a human should drink each day. The science says the fluid needs of a human varies according to age, body size, gender, environment and physical activity being undertaken.

Hawaii-based American sports medicine specialist Dr. Angie Mueller confirmed for Bluewater that when it comes to hydrating properly, one size does not fit all.

She suggests people should on average basically drink half of their body weight (if measured in pounds) in ounces of water. If you measure your body in kilos, you need to drink the numerical equivalent in ounces of water.

Bluewater also drew attention to the need to be wary of possible chemical and other contaminants that have been found in both tap water and water bottled in single use containers, including PFAS and microplastic particles. Bluewater drinking water purification solutions remove practically all known pollutants from tap water.

“Water fuels our bodies, protecting our health and enhancing physical and mental performance, so it makes sense to ensure it’s as clean as nature intended by purifying it, for example, before putting it into our bodies,” said Dave Noble.

About Drinking Water Week

Used by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and its members across North America to encourage consumers to learn more about the importance of water and water infrastructure, Drinking Water Week has been celebrated for over four decades. It runs May 2 – 8. Discover more at

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