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Bluewater in the media

Single-use plastic bottles – ‘Ocean Enemy #1’

Cape Business News | January 26, 2020

Bluewater, a water purification technologies and solutions company, has slammed single-use plastic bottles as ‘ocean enemy #1’ at a major sustainability conference in Porto, Portugal.

Mr. Bengt Rittri, founder and CEO of Bluewater, told delegates to the Sustainable Brands 2019 Oceans Summit that production of throwaway plastic bottles continues to grow despite the evidence of the environmental pollution they cause.

Thornton’s Budgens Plastic Free-Zone Supermarket

Deliciously Me | January 17, 2020

Thornton’s Budgens has been in Belsize Park since my childhood, and along the decades has made so many changes. In the last decade or more, Budgens became more environmentally conscious and very much about helping the community and now, well, actually, since 2018, this ideal expanded towards our entire planet and not just one local community.