Words from the CEO

Bluewater founder and CEO calls for throwaway plastic bottle crack-down

Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri has called for an immediate global crackdown on single-use plastic bottles.

"Microplastics pollution caused in part by dumping of throwaway plastic bottles imperils the health of the planet and humanity," said Mr. Rittri, a Swedish environmental entrepreneur. He noted how over one million single-use plastic bottles are produced every minute, with over 70 percent ending up as trash in landfill and oceans.

Mr. Ritrri’s call came on the back of a WHO study saying microplastics have been found in almost every planetary source of water on the planet, from rivers and lakes, the ocean, wastewater, and drinking water. You can join Bengt Rittri’s movement to halt the use of single-use plastics here.

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