Bluewater harnesses human ingenuity to deliver pure, fresh drinking water in a world where its availability is critically challenged. One major challenge is the horrendous level of plastic waste in our oceans that threatens the health of our planet and all living things, including humans.

Bluewater’s technology purifies local water, no matter how polluted. And because we clean the water at point of use, we also end the need for single-use plastic bottles and their transportation.

But it doesn’t stop there. By designing our very own sustainable Bluewater reusable bottles in Sweden, we offer a solution that can help reduce the need for anyone to use a single-use plastic bottle.

Now you can help the planet too! By purchasing a Bluewater reusable bottle and registering it here, we will make sure 100 single-use plastic bottles are collected from the ocean. To do this, we’ve partnered with Norway’s waste recovery organisation Empower. They guarantee us – and thereby you – that the bottles they pick up will be collected from various locations around the world.


Register your bottle here and we will send you a token that you can use to see where your 100 single-use plastic bottles have been picked up.

Let’s free the ocean from plastic waste together!