Bluewater keeps television stars hydrated on South African film set

Film Afrika, one of South Africa’s leading television and film production and servicing companies, is pioneering the move towards environmental sustainability by using unique mobile water purification trailers from Bluewater on the set of Raised By Wolves, TNT’s highly anticipated serialized sci-fi series from master storyteller and filmmaker Ridley Scott (The Martian, Blade Runner, Alien: Covenant), which marks his television directorial debut. The Raised by Wolves series is currently in production in the Western Cape. The Bluewater Trailers are keeping the 400-strong crew hydrated during the peak of the South African summer and since December have already eliminated the use of almost 50 000 single-use plastic water bottles on set. Throughout the duration of the production, it’s estimated that the Bluewater Trailers could reduce single-use plastic waste by up to 581 818 bottles, while significantly lowering the drinking water cost to the production company. Click here for more information.