Water purification for your entire home

Purified water for your whole house

The Bluewater whole house solution delivers cleaner, healthier water throughout your home. You have top quality water to drink, prep and cook food in, shower in, and wash your clothes in. Often there’s a host of contaminants in water that can affect your health. These contaminants can sometimes lead to conditions ranging from gastrointestinal illnesses, reproductive problems and even neurological disorders.

Whatever the source of your water, it is important to make the best decision for the health of your family. The Bluewater whole house solution gives you the assurance that you are getting safer purified water for all your family’s needs.

Benefits of the wholehouse solution

  • Removes virtually all tap water contaminants, including limescale
  • Purified water throughout your home
  • Easy to install, operate and use
  • Longer life for home appliances that use water
  • A wise investment for a more sustainable water delivery

How it all works

With a Bluewater whole house solution, you can take water from practically any water source—municipal water, well water or even brackish sea water (as long as the TDS level is lower than 7,500). Water entering the house is passed through a customized prefiltration unit, followed by the Bluewater PRO purification system. Lastly, the water is remineralized and ready for you and your family to use for drinking, cooking and showering.

To ensure enough water for on-demand multiple use, the purified water is stored in a tank. The tank has a recirculation system that keeps the water moving to prevent bacterial growth. As an extra precaution, the water passes through a UV filter before it leaves the tank for use.