Water purification for dishwashers

Protect your dishwasher

Commercial dishwashing equipment is a major investment. But clogging, corrosion, high repair and replacement costs can be expensive. The Bluewater pro eliminates the hassles of hard water, limescale buildup and other water supply issues. The PRO removes waterborne contaminants, such as microorganisms, pesticides, heavy metals and toxins from your municipal water, giving you greater peace of mind.

Optimized washing

  • More uptime, less scaling
  • Spot-free rinsing
  • Significant cost savings due to increased resource efficiency
  • Reduced labor, detergent and maintenance costs
  • Longer equipment service life

Sparkling Clean

Profit from sparkling clean tableware, every time with the Bluewater Pro. No more cloudy glassware. No more dinnerware covered in a white film. No more stains and streaks on flatware and silverware. Purified water enhances your customers’ dining experiences. It boosts the cleanliness levels of your tableware. It makes kitchen operations more efficient. It reduces your utility bills and detergent costs. And it helps you get more uptime from your dishwashing equipment.

Enhanced customer experience, increased productivity

Boost the efficiency of what happens in your professional kitchen. Whether you run a restaurant or provide professional catering services at offices, schools, hospitals, corporate canteens or other institutions, Bluewater PRO can help. Because tableware and glassware no longer need to be polished by hand, your staff is free to focus on enhancing the customer experience. Timely delivery of quality food. More efficient commercial kitchen operations. And increased productivity that contributes in a positive way to higher profitability.

More clean water, less wasted water

Water is a precious resource. With the Bluewater Pro, you can use less of it when your dishwasher is in operation. Competing reverse osmosis systems send up to 80% of water – directly down the drain as wastewater. The PRO does nearly the opposite, thanks to patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology. With more clean water available for dishwashing, less water goes to waste.

Not only that, the Bluewater Pro requires less energy and less detergent and fewer membrane filter replacements to make your tableware shine. Automatic backflushing after every 15 minutes of operation ensures a longer-lasting filter. With green credentials like these, you’re sure to enhance the sustainability profile of your business.