Water purification for combi steam ovens

Optimize water for purer steam

Team up your convection steam oven with a Bluewater Pro to make superior cooking a cinch and clean-up a dream. Water is an essential component for steam to bake breads, pastries and desserts and to cook and roast starters and full-course meals. Connecting a Bluewater PRO to your commercial steam oven means only pure steam enters the oven, which drastically reduces costs associated with cleaning cycles, descaling requirements and repair due to clogging and corrosion. The very best water quality ensures purer steam. Get it from Bluewater PRO.

Get more out of your water

  • More pure steam for healthier, more nutritious food
  • Higher heating efficiency due to no scaling, clogging or surface buildup
  • More uptime, more great-tasting food
  • Higher productivity and higher revenues
  • Better protection of your investment

Pure water makes great food taste even better

Bluewater Pro, delivers the best quality water to free the steam flowing through your commercial combi oven of impurities. Broil, bake, poach, roast and steam food the way you should. Lock in the natural color, flavor and essential nutrients of your food with pure steam made from contaminant-free water. Roasts are more tender, vegetables juicier, and baked goods fluffier inside and crispier outside.

Protect your steam oven investment

Steam made from purified water is far superior to tap water and ensures your commercial steam and convection oven lasts longer. Bluewater PRO gives cost-effective protection against limescale buildup, clogging and corrosion. And with more uptime, your kitchen operates much more efficiently. Oven temperatures are uniform, heat efficiency is improved, and healthier food is served more quickly, which raises productivity and profitability.

Serve more plates faster with high quality steam

Bluewater Pro’s patented SuperiorOsmosis technology transforms more clean water into pure steam than traditional reverse osmosis units. The PRO transforms over 60% of incoming water into purified water, unlike competing reverse osmosis water purifiers that only transform about 20%. Plus, the Bluewater PRO automatically cleans itself to prevent clogging. This increases steam-making uptime and reduces electricity and water bills. With more steam and less downtime, you can serve more customers more efficiently.

Tested and Certified

The Bluewater Pro has earned the Gold Seal of the Water Quality Association. A renowned and well-respected association, the WQA represents dealers, suppliers and more than 2,500 manufacturers within the drinking water treatment industry. Through the Gold Seal Product Certification program, WQA assures the safety and efficacy of consumer products using scientific methods that follow the rigorous NSF industry standard.

In 2019, Bluewater was honored with two Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards as well as a 2019 K&B Kitchen Innovation of the Year Award.