Water purification for Brackish Water

Rethinking your water supply

Drought and water shortages call for new ways of thinking. Because your private well may not be enough. Be proactive. Make nearby brackish water your source for fresh water in your home – by purifying it with the Bluewater Pro Purifier Better yet, get your neighbours to share the pro; it purifies water for up to two families.

Make brackish water Pristine

  • Purifies water that’s saltier than freshwater
  • Faster, higher flow of clean water that outperforms other reverse-osmosis systems
  • Low energy consumption, long service life
  • Built-in water quality alarm and leakage protection
  • Reliable and user-friendly

Purifying brackish water

Take your family’s well-being into your own hands. Get all the water you need with the Bluewater Pro Purifier, probably the world’s best-performing compact reverse osmosis water purification system.

Patented SuperiorOsmosis technology helps turns brackish or suspect surface water into water that’s virtually free of contaminants. From limescale, sodium chloride and heavy metals to microplastics, pharmaceutical residues, E. coli and other harmful bacteria. Connecting the Bluewater Pro Purifier to a nearby water source gives you the peace-of-mind that your water is safe and clean to drink and wash with.

Compact and easy to use

Incredibly compact, Bluewater Pro Purifier is quick and easy to use, and simple to install and maintain. When in use, the Pro automatically cleans the main membrane filter to prevent clogging. And twice a day, when not in use, it initiates automatic backflushing to make sure salts and contaminants don’t stick to the filter. This translates into more uptime and easier access to purified water whenever you need it.