Tap drinking water worries

A new study by America's Water Quality Association reveals that most Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of the drinking water coming out of their taps.

Frankly, we find it stunning that over half of the consumers surveyed in probably the most advanced industrial nation on the planet feel so insecure they say they are prepared to pay more for a home water treatment system that is able to remove biological waste, arsenic, lead and other contaminants.

Sadly, perhaps, the survey also revealed that more people apparently are buying bottled water; this despite the fact that the habit brings a skew of environmental problems in its wake.

At Bluewater, we are proud to be thought leaders in advocating the benefits of clean tap drinking water as well as by providing today's concerned home-holders and small business owners the opportunity to take measures into their own hands to protect health and wellness .

A Bluewater water purifier with second generation 'SuperiorOsmosis' reverse osmosis (RO) technology (like the Spirit pictured) not only purifies tap drinking water of the bad stuff, but also does it by slashing the water wastage traditionally associated with RO by up to 82 percent.