Sweden's horses competing at the Rio games were treated to purified, pollution free water to drink generated by a Bluewater Pro water purifier.

No complaints about the water from Sweden’s four-legged athletes competing in Rio summer games

Stockholm, Sweden, August 28, 2016 – Sweden’s four-legged equine athletes that competed in the recent summer games in Rio had little reason to fear the quality of the water they drank.

The Swedish equestrian team horses were kept up to par with drinking water purified of contaminants by a powerful, yet compact water purifier unit supplied by Bluewater, a Swedish company that innovates, makes and commercializes the world’s most advanced residential water purifiers. Sweden's Peder Fredricson riding 'All In' won a silver medal in the horse jumping event.

“The wellbeing of the Swedish horses in Rio was top of every team member’s mind and keeping the four-legged athletes hydrated with water and electrolytes, or salt, is vital in high-intensity competitive environments. Equine athletes are no more immune to contaminated water than their human counterparts. So it’s important to ensure the liquid they drink is pollution free, which is where a transportable water purifier is an essential piece of travelling kit,” said Kim Borjesson, head technical officer at Bluewater’s science lab in Jonköping, Sweden.

Horses sweat profusely during competitions and can quickly lose large amounts of the 10 gallons a day of water an average horse drinks. Giving a competing horse water differs according to each specific event. Horses doing short bursts of exercise need to be cooled down first and only given frequent sips of water, while those involved in longer activities require a drink during and immediately after the event.

“Regardless of the number of medals won in Rio, Sweden’s four-legged could count on being treated like hero’s by the full-time staff who cater to their every drinking requirement with no need to worry about the plumbing thanks to Bluewater,” said Kim Borjeson.


Sweden's equestrian team in Rio used a Bluewater Pro water purifier that is capable of generating 52 gallons or 100 liters of cleaner, healthier drinking water from the tap every hour, 24/7. Bluewater’s patented filtration technologies can remove over 99% of most known pollutants such as lead, chemicals, and microorganisms in water and deliver 1,248 gallons of purified water per day, which equals 4,726 one-liter (33.8 fl.oz) bottle of water.

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