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In World Refill Day Call, Bluewater Urges Bottle Manufacturers to Take Responsibility for Sustainably Removing Their Products

Stockholm, Sweden, June 15, 2024 –– On the eve of World Refill Day, Bluewater, a world-leading purified water and beverage industry innovator, is calling for a paradigm shift in the fight against single-use plastic bottles. Swedish based Bluewater says bottle manufacturing companies should assume responsibility for the collection and disposal of the single-use plastic bottles they produce. World Refill Day, a Global Day of Action, is celebrated on June 16th every year to bring about a refill and reuse revolution.

Bluewater CEO Bengt Rittri believes holding bottle manufacturing companies accountable for the entire lifecycle of their products is essential to curtailing the pervasive impact of single-use plastic on our planet.

“Such a bold stance would drive transformative change in the global effort to combat plastic pollution, " stated Mr. Rittri (photo below), who founded Bluewater in 2013. “And that’s why we are calling upon all stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and individuals, to join us in advocating for accountability in the production and management of plastic waste.”

The Swedish ecopreneur said that by championing this cause, Bluewater wants to mitigate the detrimental effects of single-use plastics on ecosystems, marine life, and human health.

For over a decade, Bluewater has provided sustainable water and beverage solutions and championed a reusable future for generations to come. With an unwavering commitment to enabling global access to safe tap water and reducing the consumption of throwaway plastic bottles, Bluewater has already been instrumental in driving positive change with its advanced water dispensers used at global sporting events and venues to end the need for single-use plastic bottles. Bluewater under-sink water purification stations already help tens of thousands of consumers and businesses access purified tap water to avoid the need to purchase plastic bottles of water.

“The stark reality of 600 billion single-use plastic bottles being produced annually, leading to environmental and health crises, is driving Bluewater to intensify its advocacy efforts,” said Bengt Rittri. “We are calling for decisive action to hold bottling companies accountable because we are gravely concerned about the health-threatening chemicals”

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