Bluewater showcaseds sustainable compact water bottling solutions at a Jakarta conference of top-ranking Accor hotel managers from Southeast Asia

Ground-breaking Water Solution from Bluewater Wows Accor Hotel Managers at Southeast Asia Conference

In an exciting move to change the game in the hospitality industry's water consumption, Bluewater, a world-renowned pioneer in cutting-edge water purification tech and beverage solutions, recently showcased their sustainable solutions at a conference of top-ranking Accor hotel managers from Southeast Asia, held in Jakarta. The goal? To demonstrate how hotels can play a lead role in kicking single-use plastic bottles to the curb and pave the way for a greener future in the hospitality biz.

At the heart of Bluewater's solutions is its innovative HotelBottlingStation™ (photo below). This state-of-the-art compact system lets hotels say goodbye to the hassles and costs of buying, transporting, storing, and recycling plastic water bottles. It's a win-win for both the environment and the hotel’s bottom line.

All the drinking water provided to the conference delegates was generated by a Bluewater HotelBottlingStation™ permanently installed in the Novotel Jakarta Mangga Dua Square and delivered in reuseable glass bottles that were picked up each evening after use and returned to the bottling station for cleaning and reuse.

But it's not just about ditching plastic waste. Bluewater's systems also guarantee clean, healthy drinking water and encourage responsible water consumption. By promoting the use of reusable bottles, Bluewater is making a real difference in the fight against plastic waste, aligning with global sustainability efforts.

Didier Perez, head of the Jakarata-based P.I.P.A water company acquired by Bluewater in December 2023, said: “Our mission at Bluewater isn't just about providing clean water, it's about changing how we consume water. Our advanced tech lets us do both effectively. By showing our solutions to Accor hotel managers, we're hoping to spark a shift towards sustainable water operations in the hospitality industry, ultimately contributing to a greener planet.”

The reaction from the Accor hotel managers? Overwhelmingly positive.

Bluewater's dedication to improving access to clean drinking water globally and reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste shows their commitment to creating a positive impact on human health and the environment. This demonstration to Accor hotel managers is just one step in their mission to transform the way the world consumes water.

Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri said: “In the face of the escalating global water crisis and environmental concerns, Bluewater's initiative hospitality bottling solution offers a beacon of hope for a sustainable future. We are focused on continuing to develop and deploy innovative water purification systems, ensuring that every drop of water consumed is clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly.”

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