If you want to get fit for the summer beach plunge into the pool for some some muscle-tuning says Adam Paulsson, Bluewater swim ace

Get cool in the pool!

On a hot summer’s day, there little nicer than getting cool in a pool.

But, you know, the pool is one of the best gyms all year round. Swimming is both fun and a great way to train. The water resistance helps you build strength, while putting some pedal to the metal through the water provides an excellent cardio workout. Your joints will also be grateful because swimming, unlike running or weight lifting, is practically impact free.

If you’re looking to get beach fit by the summer, then ramping up your swim efforts from early April onwards should help deliver on your goals to shed a few kilos (or pounds) and fine tune the muscles. But swimming doesn’t only help how you look on the outside. It also helps the body use oxygen and thereby improve lung and heart function, giving cardiovascular fitness a boost.

If you are a beginner or someone who wants to get fit again after a long period of inactivity, then my advice is to start slow. I’d also recommend you to mix up the strokes, start with freestyle, then move on to breaststroke and backstroke. Try 15-minute sessions to begin with, slow and even, and gradually increasing speed and pool time as you get fitter and engage and strengthen your muscles.

Okay, I hear you say, but it can get pretty boring pretty fast just swimming up and down a pool. So, the trick is to make it fun. Bring along a friend and start competing. And there are load of accessories you can use to mix things up, including kick boards, paddles, fins and parachutes. You can also listen to your favourite music if you want by using a small and easy waterproof MP3 player, like an iPod Shuffle, and waterproof in-ear headphones.

Want some more fun? Don’t go for drab gear then. There’s plenty of cool, bright clothing around to help you rock your show, not to mention a load of killer swim caps. Don’t forget your goggles either, especially the ones with UV protection if you are swimming outdoors.

Finally, don’t forget that part of exercising to get fit also involves a healthy lifestyle out of the pool. Increasing your focus on eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep also pays a dividend when getting fit for the summer. And drinking water as pure as nature intended from a Bluewater water purifier is a great way to end any pool session.

That’s it, for this time, folks. Now it’s up to you. Just dive in!