Nancy Stoner, Potomac River Keeper President, tries a glass of Bluewater contaminant free purified water.

Coolest Pure Water Served Still and Sparkling at Washington D.C. Law & Water Gala

WASHINGTON D.C, November 2, 2018 – Bluewater joined over 250 Potomac Riverkeeper Network supporters at the non-profit organization’s fourth annual Law & Water Gala on Thursday, November 1. Bluewater’s leading reverse osmosis technologies provided guests with purified sparkling and still water, free of contaminants like lead, bacteria, pharmaceutical residue and other toxic pollutants. Bluewater also provided 300 reusable water containers to reduce single-use plastic pollution at the event.

Gala attendees featured top environmental industry leaders spanning public policy, public affairs and green business industries. The gala celebrated and raised funds for those who protect and defend the United States’ most treasured natural resources, like the Potomac River – a cause seeing increasing urgency as water quality issues threaten communities nationwide (most recently Newark, NJ and Chicago).*

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a leading environmental advocate and president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, was the keynote speaker.

Bluewater was honored to join the non-profit’s coalition to protect the public’s collective right to clean water for the six million residents who access the Potomac River, the fourth largest river along the United States’ Atlantic Coast.

"Bluewater’s mission for limiting single-use plastics and purifying contaminated water made them the perfect partner for our fourth Law & Water gala and continuing our mission to protect the public’s right to clean water," said Emily Franc, Vice President of Development and Philanthropy for the Potomac Riverkeeper Network. “We are grateful for their participation and support for our cause.”

The Potomac Riverkeeper Network’s mission is to protect the public’s right to clean water in rivers and streams, with particular focus on inhabitants near the 405-mile long Potomac River. Part of this mission entails promoting safe drinking water, limiting water pollution like single-use plastics, protecting healthy river habitats and enhancing public use and enjoyment.

“At Bluewater, we believe that clean water is a basic human right, which is why we put delivering the technologies such as our Bluewater Pro water purifier and hydration solutions to provide clean drinking water sustainably to everyone at work, home or in public places at the heart of our business vision. This mission is perfectly aligned with the inspiring Potomac Riverkeeper Network’s efforts,” Bluewater President Anders Jacobson remarked. “Joining these water movements together is a special opportunity to help combat water pollution, halt single-use plastic pollution and grow momentum in the United States and across the world.”

Anders Jacobson continued, “we all have a collective responsibility to improve the world’s natural resources, and organizations like Bluewater and the Potomac Riverkeeper Network are leading the way. We encourage all to team together and combine resources and energy in the fight against water pollution. United, there is no limit to our impact in turning the tide against single-use plastics and water contamination.”


*Via The New York Times: and Chicago Tribune:

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