Clean Water at Home

Ensuring clean water at home is crucial for health and well-being. Bluewater offers innovative solutions to provide pure, mineralized water directly from your tap. Here’s how you can transform your home water supply with Bluewater's advanced systems.

Bluewater Kitchen Station 1™


  • Purification: Removes up to 99.7% of contaminants using SuperiorOsmosis™ technology. This advanced reverse osmosis water filter ensures your water is free from harmful substances.
  • Mineralization: Adds a balanced mix of Swedish minerals, including calcium and magnesium, enhancing both taste and health benefits.
  • Convenience: Fits under your sink and integrates with your existing faucet, providing instant access to pure, mineralized water. This setup allows for easy refilling of your stainless steel water bottle, water jug, or gym water bottle.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Saves money by eliminating the need for bottled water and reduces plastic waste.


  • Healthier Water: The advanced filtration system ensures your water is free from harmful contaminants like lead, bacteria, and pharmaceuticals. This makes it a reliable option if you’re concerned about the safety of tap water.
  • Sustainable: By using Bluewater systems, you help reduce plastic waste and minimize your environmental footprint.
  • Better Hydration: The added minerals not only improve taste but also contribute to better hydration, essential for overall health.

Key Considerations for Clean Water at Home

  • Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? Tap water safety varies by location.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water System: This system is effective in removing a wide range of contaminants, making it a popular choice for home water purification.
  • Water Pressure: A good reverse osmosis filter can help maintain adequate water pressure while ensuring high-quality water.
  • Hydration: Proper hydration is vital. Bluewater's systems ensure you have access to high-quality water that supports your hydration needs, whether at home or during workouts.

Practical Tips

  • How to Filter Tap Water: Using a reverse osmosis water filter like Bluewater's Kitchen Station 1™ is one of the most effective ways to filter tap water at home.
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Use a reusable water bottle to keep your water cool and minimize plastic waste.
  • Mineralization: Adding minerals to your water can improve taste and health benefits, which is why Bluewater's system includes this feature.

By integrating Bluewater systems into your home, you ensure access to pure, mineralized water that is both sustainable and cost-effective. Enjoy the benefits of better hydration and contribute to a healthier planet by reducing plastic waste.

For more details on how to install and benefit from Bluewater systems, visit Bluewater Group.

Which purifier is right for you?

Kitchen Station

Tap into pure mineralized water at home.

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