Hydrating properly can help beat the post-holiday blues brought on by overindulging in food, sweets and alcohol

Bounce back into tiptop shape after the holiday season by hydrating properly

Stockholm, Sweden, December 30, 2019 – Swedish lifestyle water company Bluewater offers pro-active advice for everyone feeling subpar after overindulging in food, sweets, and drink over the holiday season – hydrate properly.

The advice comes in a new guide containing information on how to beat the post-holiday blues that was authored by Bluewater with the help of hydration and sports performance experts and available free to download from the Bluewater website.

“People need to make hydration a part of their daily life to help liver and kidneys do their job of filtering out the toxins that can build up in the body, especially over a holiday period,” says Dr. Angie Mueller, a Hawaii-based sports medicine specialist working with Bluewater.

Dr. Mueller said the Bluewater guide outlines the effects on health of staying adequately hydrated and which water consumption choices are best at different stages throughout the day depending on activity and age.

She stresses that the latest science shows hydration needs vary from one person to another, depending on body weight, climate, the existing state of health, and what work or sport they are doing.

Dr. Mueller also suggests people should think twice before religiously following the standard recommendation to drink eight 8-ounces of water a day ‘because one size does not fit all’.

As a rule of thumb, Dr. Mueller suggests people should create their own daily hydration rituals that see them drinking around half of their body weight (if measured in pounds) in ounces of water. If you measure your body in kilos, you need to drink the numerical equivalent in ounces of water, she said, and added everyone should nonetheless always consult with a medical expert about the specific hydration needs of their body.

“The human body is so well designed that it usually tells us when we need to hydrate more by using an instinct called thirst or sending early warning signals such as a sense of fatigue, a headache, or a decrease in mood,” said Dr. Mueller.

For more information please contact David Noble, Bluewater PR & Communications Director, at david.noble@bluewatergroup.com or +447785302694