Bluewater’s public hydration tech taps into world’s top events

Stockholm, Sweden, September 12, 2022 – Bluewater, a world leader in innovative water purification technologies, has set its sights on becoming a global force in providing large scale events and venues with premium hydration solutions that can break the stranglehold of single use plastic bottles.

The latest appearance of the unique Bluewater Wall of Water™ at the prestigious 2022 BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Club from 6 – 11 September showcased Bluewater’s commitment to helping event and festival organisers serious about harnessing planet friendly tech solutions to keep visitors properly hydrated. The Bluewater Wall of Water is an extra-large water station packed with water purifiers, dispensers with a powerful clean water delivery rate designed to reduce queuing times, remineralising technology for improved taste, and digital signage, all weather, high visibility TV screens displaying event-specific notifications and promotional messaging.

During the championship, Bluewater water stations dispensed some 6,561 liters of water — which equates to ensuring 17,122 five-hundred millilitre single-use plastic bottles did not end up in landfill or the oceans.

“This summer saw Bluewater hydration solutions used at a series of top golfing events, including The Open, the AIG Women’s Open, the Senior Open Presented by Rolex, and the Genesis Scottish Open, where we harnessed our event, venue and festival hydration ecosphere to ensure fans enjoyed water as pure as nature intended,” said Bluewater UK Managing Director Philip Russell. The Bluewater approach helps organisers to monitize the provision of water through a combination of static advertising on the stations, digital signage on large TV screens, and the sale of premium reusable branded bottles.

“Our first foray into the hospitality market can in 2018 at the Bermuda Americas Cup event and has gathered momentum spectacularly despite the global Covid pandemic hiccup, which saw practically all events cancelled”, said Bluewater CEO and Founder Bengt Rittri, a Swedish environmental entrepreneur (Photo below). He attributed Bluewater’s successful development into the events industry to fast growing public awareness of the dangers posed to the health of the planet by single-use plastic bottles, most of which are not recycled but instead end up in landfills and the oceans.

Mr Rittri praised the efforts of premium events such as the BMW PGA Championship and The Open in showing that there are alternative ways to provide visitors access to drinking water as clean as nature intended.

“Kudos to the organisers of the Wentworth BMW PGA Championship for their effort to reduce the need for plastic bottles. Bluewater has put ending the need for single-use plastic bottles at the heart of our business mission by satisfying people’s thirst with better ways to hydrate without threatening the planet,” Mr. Rittri said.

For more information, please contact David Noble, Bluewater’s head of PR and Communications at or +44 7785 302 694