The Bluewater mobile hydration station delivers pure water free of contamination and helps banish the need for single use plastic bottles and their polluting transportation.

Bluewater water stations on hand during ÅF Offshore Race, keeping folks hydrated with pure water and battling need for single-use plastic bottles

Stockholm, Sweden, June 28, 2019 – Helping the worldwide battle to stop single-use plastic water bottles polluting the planet’s oceans, Bluewater will be suppling pure drinking water to the public from its unique fixed and mobile hydration stations at the world's largest annual ocean race starting Sunday, the ÅF Offshore Race staged by the Royal Swedish Yachting Club KSSS in the Baltic Sea outside Stockholm, Sweden.

Bluewater, a world leader in innovative water purification technology and solutions, is providing one two-dispenser hydration station and a unique mobile hydration station to provide visitors pure drinking water at the start of the ÅF Offshore Race in the inner city Skeppsholmen district.

The race finishes next week on the island of Sandhamn where Bluewater has a number of fixed hydration stations established with KSSS to help battle water scarcity on the island that receives hundreds of thousands of holiday makers each year which threatens to run natural aquifers dry

“Providing alternative solutions to the need for single-use plastic bottles, Bluewater water purifiers for home, business and public areas deliver water free of contaminants ranging from chemicals and toxic metals to micro-plastics,” said Anders Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Blue, the impact-led investment company that owns Bluewater.

Mr. Jacobson said Bluewater water purification technology can be scaled to deliver whole house purified water solutions, public dispensing solutions harnessing water ranging from brackish seawater and other water sources considered unfit for human consumption, and micro-bottling and on-demand public dispensing solutions that end the need for single-use plastic bottles and their polluting transportation.

“Our focus is very much on harnessing human ingenuity to solve problems that threaten human and planetary health,” said Mr. Jacobson.

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