Hydrating is key for ultra distance runners so the Bluewater refill station is more than a welcome sight during the awesome Cape Town Trail test of endurance

Bluewater water stations keep athletes and public properly hydrated over weekend of ultra-distance and marathon running in Cape Town and battle use of throwaway plastic bottles and cups

Cape Town, October 17, 2021 – Cape Town celebrates a weekend of world quality running this weekend with the spectacular 42-km Sanlam Cape Town Marathon on Sunday, October 17, preceded on Saturday by a new trail marathon taking runners through the famous Table Mountain National Park. And unique hydration solutions from Sweden's Bluewater were a welcome sight across the various race routes and trails, providing on-demand purified water as clean as nature intended to runners and public alike, as well as helping organisers avoid the need for polluting single-use plastic bottles and cups.

Ryan Sandes, world renowned ultra-distance athlete and designer of the Cape Town Trail Marathon route, pictured above with his planet friendly Bluewater water bottle, told Bluewater: “I've been lucky enough to travel all around the world and race on all seven continents and in some really remote locations, but unfortunately I have seen first-hand the destruction we as humans are doing to the planet and our natural environment. So I feel really strongly about making a difference.

“I think it's important for all of us to play a part in protecting our natural environment so that future generations can enjoy the mountain trails and the natural wilderness. So, I'm really stoked that Bluewater trailers are on board with the Cape Town Trail Marathon and that they will enable the marathon to be single-use plastic free.”

Janneke Brasecke, General Manager, Bluewater South Africa, said: “The Cape Town Marathon is one of the city’s greatest attractions attracting elite runners to social runners from all around the world. The event is not only wheelchair-friendly, but also planet friendly thanks in part to the decision to help end the need for single-use plastic bottles by using Bluewater hydration stations sited at key locations to provide runners and their fans with purified water that can be used free of charge to fill re-useable containers.

“It’s a big win for the planet and human health at the same time,” Janneke said.

For more information in South Africa , please contact Janneke Brasecke, General Manager at 0727131410 or janneke.brasecke@bluewatergroup.com

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