Many older New York City buildings rely on older plumbing systems that may result in faucet water containing lead (CREDIT iStock-514167598-deberarr.jpg)

Bluewater water purifiers offer ray of hope to Americans worried about lead in their drinking water

Kansas City, August 19, 2019 – As the Newark lead water crisis further underlines the problems besetting America’s tap water quality, water purification leader Bluewater today said its high-performance, compact water purifiers offer a ray of hope to Americans fearful of what’s in their tap water. A Bluewater survey of 1,256 American adults earlier this year revealed broad concern about water quality with lead and toxic metals as the chief concern with almost 60 percent saying they are taking some kind of action to control what’s in their drinking water – ranging from drinking store-bought bottled water to using a purification system.

Providing new-generation reverse osmosis purification tech that removes hazardous pollutants ranging from lead to pharmaceuticals, Kansas City-based Bluewater offers American citizens the chance to trust their tap water quality again. This despite fears sparked by ageing water delivery systems and pipes, old waterworks and growing levels of contaminants caused by industrial and agricultural pollution.

“The Bluewater water purification technology we’ve run in Flint, MI, for the past few years has demonstrated our water purifiers deliver a ray of hope solution for consumers and businesses wanting to trust the water they are drinking, cooking with or absorbing through their skin while bathing,” said Ms. Lin Guo, Bluewater USA Inc head of sales.

Bluewater’s water purifiers outperform current standard water filtration systems and approaches thanks to the company’s approach to innovating ‘disruptive’ products and solutions with transformational technologies. A measure of Bluewater‘s success is the two Fast Company 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards won earlier this year, while the Bluewater Pro 400 was honored with a 2019 Kitchen Innovations award.

Despite measuring just 18.3 inches high by 8.9 inches wide, a top-of-the-line Bluewater Pro (pictured below) can daily generate up to 1,800 gallons of pure water from practically any water source, potable or not, making it ideal for deployment into businesses, restaurants, hotels, and schools as well as for residential whole-house solutions.

Bluewater Pro is powered by Bluewater’s unique patented water purification system – SuperiorOsmosis™. A second-generation reverse osmosis technology,SuperiorOsmosis™ removes contaminants such as toxic metals, chemicals, viruses and micro-organic substances down to 0.0001 microns (a human red blood cell is about 5 microns across, while the eye of a needle is 1,230 microns).Bluewater Pro delivers a unique engineering solution that ensures the membrane is continuously washed while in use to increase filtration efficiency, boost operating capacity and deliver a long service life.

“Many of us work and live in cities across the USA where great-tasting, and perhaps even safe, tap water is not a fact of life, which is why consumers often resort to buying bottled water. Bluewater water purifiers offer world-changing technology that can help shape the health of people by providing cleaner, safer water in homes, workplaces and catering environments, in Newark, Flint or anywhere else in America,” Ms. Guo said.

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