Bluewater Water Company Says Solutions, Not More Words, Can Solve Global Ocean Health Plastics Crisis

Cape Town, December 7, 2017 – Bluewater, the world leader in innovative water purification technologies, today told the Volvo Ocean Health Summit in Cape Town that human ingenuity already today can help correct the tsunami of plastic ocean waste threatening all life on the planet.

In a keynote speech, Anders Jacobson, co-founder and chief executive of Blue AB, the solutions-driven holding company driving human and planet health movements that owns Bluewater, said existing technology can already now solve the issues of access to clean water and unmitigated use of the single-use plastic bottles threatening ocean health.

“For over a decade, global organization have been flagging up the dangers posed to human and planetary health by the unremitting production of single use plastics, now called a planetary emergency by the United Nations,” said Anders Jacobson, speaking at the Volvo Ocean Race Ocean Summit in Cape Town. “Our mission at Bluewater is to provide access to clean water to every person, everywhere on the planet – and that really means every single person.

“Bluewater believes that human ingenuity can play a critical role in helping to deliver clean drinking water despite water scarcity in ways that will help remove the reliance on plastic water bottles fueled in part by water quality fears. We urge everyone to embrace the idea that the time has come to move from words to leveraging existing solutions that can mitigate the plastics threat.”

Anders told delegates to the Ocean Summit that the opportunities to tackle a global problem where 83 percent of all tap water is polluted to one extent or another exist already now thanks to human ingenuity. He noted how Bluewater’s innovative water purifying solutions have demonstrated their capability to deliver large amounts of pure water on demand, even in areas such as Cape Town where water availability from traditional sources is fast disappearing.

His speech came just days after a top United Nations representative said the world’s oceans are facing multiple assault from over-fishing and pollution from chemicals, sewage and agriculture and climate change. Speaking at UN environment conference in Nairobi in early December 2017, the UN’s Environment Programme Coordinator Lisa Svensson described the rising tide of plastics in the worlds’ oceans as a ‘planetary emergency’.

During the Volvo Ocean Race stop-over in Cape Town, Bluewater partnered with American ocean heath-focused organization 11th Hour Racing to provide four unique water stations able to meet the water needs of over one million visitors to the host venue. The Bluewater water stations are designed to create pure drinking water from non-potable water and thereby slash the need for single-use plastic bottles.

“We need to put human ingenuity at the core of our efforts to find solutions and harness the smartest solutions to provide freedom from fear about the availability and quality of drinking water,” said Anders Jacobson.

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