Bluewater Water Company Announces Entry in South Africa As Launch Pad into Africa

Cape Town, December 6. 2017 – Bluewater, a world leading innovator of point-of-use water purifying technologies, today announced it will start business operations in South Africa during December as the launch pad for a full roll-out throughout Africa. Bluewater is currently operating four unique water stations during the Volvo Ocean Race visit to Cape Town that are designed to create pure drinking water from non-potable water as well as slash the need for single-use plastic bottles.

“The decision to launch the Bluewater brand in South Africa reflects our understanding of the market and our strong commitment to providing marketing leading residential, light commercial and public dispenser water purification delivery solutions to South Africa and Africa as a whole,” says Anders Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Blue AB, the holding company that owns Bluewater. He said Bluewater can help transform clean drinking water production, delivery and availability across Africa by tackling the issues critical to ensuring Africans everywhere can access pristine water to drink and use.

Anders said that in a world where the United Nations says almost two billion people by 2025 will be living in areas 'with absolute water scarcity’, Bluewater intends to provide clean drinking water access to everyone, while also disrupting the beverage industry that sees billions of single-use plastic bottles being used that ultimately end up in land fill or polluting our oceans and, subsequently, the human body.

“While the debate about plastics and pollution rages on, at Bluewater we have harnessed our human ingenuity to find here-and-now solutions to simultaneously providing clean drinking water and ending the plastics plague,” said Anders.

Anders notes that Bluewater's water purification platform is a way for consumers, business and municipal authorities in South Africa and elsewhere across the continent to address the crisis of providing access to clean water to people everywhere. Bluewater water purifiers have the ability to produce thousands of liters of clean water every day at a local level, providing pristine water to hundreds of millions of people across the continent from bore wells, polluted tracts of river and industrial scale desalination plants.

“Our mission in a world where clean, safe drinking water is a growing challenge and scarce commodity is to create both value and sustainable water for South Africa based on our technologies,” said Anders. “What better place to start in African than Cape Town, where we already now are demonstrating how to turn non-potable water into pristine drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people in the V&A Waterfront without using scarce municipal water.”


- United Nations Environment Programme official Lisa Svensson, Coordinator of the Marine and Coastal. Ecosystem Branch of UN Environment Programme says the world’s oceans are facing multiple assault as a result of over-fishing and pollution from chemicals, sewage and agriculture and climate change. Speaking at UN environment conference in Nairobi in early December 2017, Ms. Svensson described the rising tide of plastics in the worlds’ oceans as a ‘planetary emergency'.

- South Africa ranks one of the top 15 countries in the world that mismanaged plastic waste, according to

- An estimated 8300 million metric tons (Mt) as of virgin plastics have been produced over the past 60 years, according to Science Advances Journal

- In early October, a U.S research study revealed billions of people are drinking water containing plastic particles, with 83% of the samples from 14 nations contaminated by micro plastic fibres.

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